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Day 290: Happy Days are Here Again!


Day 290: Wednesday August 31, 2011
Happy Days Are Here Again!
Return To Happy Camp via Broadway
& 5 mile Marathon Training Run
Total Distance on day: 8.25 miles +450 feet
Hiking: Moorpark, CA
Running: Ventura, CA
The true entrance to Happy Camp

This time, you may use the attached map for directions:  Map & Directions to Happy Camp
I took the picture above at the end of my run.  I began at where I parked my CRV and then jogged the trail above the golf course.

About a half mile or so into it, you'll reach a junction.  The fork to the right I assume will join up to where I hiked last week (the main trails of Happy Camp).  However, planning to run 5 miles later with my wife, I wasn't looking for another 2+ hour adventure.  Instead, I took the left fork which led me uphill towards the neighborhood:

The Fork

 Looking across the grassland

 Overlooking Rustic Canyon Golf Course

There are many trails mainly used as bridal trails.  I mentioned this on my first visit to the area when I entered the region from the wrong starting point.  Well, here I am hiking the side trails.  From the trail you are on, you may either continue to go straight across the grassland as pictured above or turn left again and loop up higher.  From here, another view of:

...The Golf Course below

Eventually, this trail will lead you pass a farm house where kids were jumping on a trampoline.  Then, you wander right into another farm where I took the blog post picture of the sheep.  No one seemed to mind as I walked down the dirt driveway all the way to Happy Camp Road, not to be confused with Happy Camp Canyon Road...   

 The old wagon parked on the side of the road

I followed someone on horse back down the road but they eventually veered off down another bridal trail while I picked up my stride and jogged back. 

A horse

You'll pass many horses until you reach Broadway.  Turn left and run back to the car.  The end...

Part 2:
5 Mile Run at Kimball
Quarter Split Times:
  • 2.52.19
  • 2.40.22
  • 2.31.36
  • 2.30.44  **1st Mile 10.34.21
  • 2.26.22
  • 2.37.23
  • 2.37.27 
  • 2.44.23  **2nd Mile 10.24.95  --  20.59.16
  • 2.38.79
  • 2.36.09
  • 2.42.26
  • 2.38.68  **3rd Mile 10.35.82  --  31.34.98
  • 2.36.20
  • 2.36.39
  • 2.38.82
  • 2.43.72  **4th Mile  10.35.13  --  42.10.11
  • 2.24.71
  • 2.25.78
  • 2.07.69
  • 1.46.77  **5th Mile  8.44.95  --  50.55.06
Ok, so these are times to certainly not brag about, but I completed 5 miles on my first attempt.  Moreover, we kept a pretty consistent pace and I ran within a second of my wife the entire time; up until the final two splits.  She finished just 27 seconds behind me; not bad!  Jessi's Time: 51.22.36

I should be running 5 miles in about 40 minutes.  If I keep this going, maybe I will again... 

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