Friday, December 22, 2017

Cleveland, USA


I'm in Pursuit to visit all the Clevelands across this Great Nation!

On November 9th, 1974, at Mount Sinai Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, I gasped a breath of air for the first time.  Thank you mom & dad for creating me without any health issues!

Ironically, my dog Subo, a Samoyed, hooked up with a female Samoyed just a couple months earlier and she gave birth to their puppies on the very same day.  I made the newspaper that next day; The Sun Press.  I once had a copy of that article, but it was amongst the many priceless possessions that have been stolen from me over the years...

When I started my 1000 Hikes in 2010, it didn't dawn on me that the addiction of silly feats would spiral to other peculiar desires.  Thus, I aspire to visit all the cities/towns of Cleveland across the United States!  Cleveland is such a popular name.  After living there for 27 years, when I finally left, I began to feel even stronger for home.  I wasn't homesick - I was ready to adventure out!  However, I can't pass by the Cleveland National Forest in California, or even any random Cleveland Avenue, without feeling that special touch.  To keep it condensed though, if a state has a city or town with the same name as my home town, it is on my list to visit...

Click on the pictures below to view my experience.  I've organized this in order of population.  Any Cleveland listed in Red without a picture means that I have not yet visited the Cleveland in that state.

Cleveland Count: 10 out of 28

#1:  Cleveland, Ohio

Population: 385,809 (2016)

My Visit: December, 2010

(Days 30-37)

The picture is of the Horseshoe, in Columbus, Ohio.  I don't actually have a picture of my hometown, Cleveland :)

2. Cleveland, Tennessee:  41,285 Population (2017)

3. Cleveland, Mississippi: 12,334 Population (2017)

4. Cleveland, Indiana:  11,158 Population (2010)

#5 Cleveland, Texas

#5:  Cleveland, Texas

Population: 7,675 (2017)

My Visit: March 26, 2015

#6:  Cleveland, Georgia

Population: 3,410 (2017)

My Visit: November 29, 2012

(Day 744)

7. Cleveland, Oklahoma:  3251 Population (2017)

#8 Cleveland, Florida

#8:  Cleveland, Florida

Population: 2,990 (2017)

My Visit: December 5, 2012

(Day 750)

9. Cleveland, Wisconsin:  1485 Population (2017)

#10 Cleveland, Alabama

#10:  Cleveland, Alabama

Population: 1,303 (2017)

My Visit: December 7, 2012
#11:  Cleveland, South Carolina

Population: 1,189 (2016)

My Visit: November 30, 2012

(Day 745)

12. Cleveland, North Carolina:  871 Population (2017)

13. Cleveland, New Mexico:  820 Population (2016)

14. Cleveland, New York:  750 Population (2017)

15. Cleveland, Minnesota:  719 Population (2017)

16. Cleveland, Missouri:  661 Population (2016)

#17 Cleveland, Utah

#17:  Cleveland, Utah

Population: 464 (2017)

My Visit: July 10, 2017

18. Cleveland, West Virginia:  406 Population (2016)

19. Cleveland, Virginia:  202 Population (2017)

20. Cleveland, Illinois:  188 Population (2017)

#21 Cleveland, Washington

#21:  Cleveland, Washington

Population: 128 (2010)

My Visit: August 13, 2016

22. Cleveland, North Dakota:  81 Population (2016)

23. Cleveland, Kansas:  80 Population (1897) - census needs to be updated!

24. Cleveland, Arkansas:  76 Population (2010)

#25 Cleveland, Oregon
#25:  Cleveland, Oregon

Population: Unknown

My Visit: August 12, 2016

26. Cleveland, Idaho:  Population Unknown

27. Cleveland, Maine: Population Unknown

28. Cleveland, California:  No Longer Exists

Perhaps the most exciting part of my Cleveland adventures is discovering their history and random awesome finds around them.  For example, Cleveland, Washington was formed by an old Cleveland, Ohio native.  He was so proud of his home town that he stuck his flag in the ground like Far and Away and declared.  Wonder if they are Browns fan? <~sorry~>.  Cleveland, Washington holds a rodeo once a year, which is the oldest ongoing rodeo in that state.  

Cleveland, Oregon was neat because nearby exists an African Safari.  We would never have found that if it hadn't been for Cleveland.  And the list goes on - but what about Cleveland, California?  From what I read, there was a post office here in the late 1860's, but since the town has vanished.  It was located somewhere in Humboldt County.  I tried researching it online, attempting to pin-point the exactly location, but so far - no can find!  I don't drive past this area much, more than 6 hours away from Ventura - so I am begging for your Help!  If anyone knows anything, please contact me (This is a Free HikeStalking Event)!

Whenever I plan a vacation, I scroll my fingers around the map looking for random places.  When I went to Texas (and visited their Cleveland just north of Houston), my fingers drifted left into Louisiana.  I've yet to visit this state, for sure on my do list.  I found a place, it was called Cleveland- something?  I remember trying to research it on line but could not find anything, but it was clear as day on that Google Map!  Maybe this will be my #29 Cleveland.  If anyone knows anything about this Cleveland, or any other Cleveland not mentioned on this list, please advise!  It is my destiny!

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