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Fit To Fat To Fit - True Experience (Partially Revealed)

Jeremy Jacobus - Age 42 - 178 Pounds

In the Spring of 2016, my wife received a phone call from a casting company to appear on the A&E hit Television Show, "Fit To Fat To Fit" (Season 2).  She's a personal trainer and at the time, was inside the gym training a client.  I happened to be in the car waiting, so I took the call on her cell.  I remembered seeing Season 1 with her and she was discouraged because she wanted to see real life trainers, like independents or mothers like her, not aspiring actors or those who own gyms.  I didn't know she applied for the show so I was a bit shocked...

Jessi J - My Wife - Personal Trainer

I explained to the producer that my wife was working, but then I blurted out, "I'm Fat" (Thinking I could be my wife's client - right?!!).  They chuckled and replied that the show is about a PT surprising a client by gaining weight and then losing it with them.  They said it would never work, but they loved her audition tape and said she would just need to find a good client...

Here's me at 273 Pounds!

I kept the crew talking for a good 30 minutes, until Jess came back to the car.  Needless to say, we made the cut.  Perhaps we influenced the changed theme of the show, for the client to train someone endearing to them.

For more Before shots, click this link:  Fit To Fat To Fit - 1000 Hikes (Before Post)

Jessi & Jeremy (Before)

The premise of the show is for the trainer to gain a whole lot of weight over a four-month period, to know what it's like living large, and then lose the weight over the final four months, together, with their client.  Meet the Trainers & Clients of Season 2, Fit To Fat To Fit:

Quincy, Willie, ME @1000hikes, Jessi, Drew (Show's Creator), Felecia, Toni, Eric, Lori (From Left to Right)

The airing of the show did not include the group meeting up at the beginning, but here it is...

The Trainers gathered together for an eating bonanza.  This is a Professional Fat Person's (PFP) dream come true: 4 Meals - 4 Hours.

I don't mean to speak with lack of empathy, but I came up with PFP when I realized that I was in fact, a PFP!  Perhaps the show wisely did not air that part, but I'm still talking about it...

Jessi struggled on Day 1.  For someone who eats small portions of simple foods, asking her to scarf down 10,000 calories of heavy grease is a bit ambitious - perhaps impossible, unless your I'm Possible :)

I believe this upset the producers.  It seemed that they were against us from the start, and that's not me being paranoid.  I think one producer called me, Am-Dram, or something like that as in Amateur Actor Dramatic.  Sorry, I'm not a Professional, except for PFP!  More about this later...

The Clients met up to go Hiking!

YES - Awesome way to begin my weightloss journey!

Unfortunately, this wasn't aired either.  Despite how big I was, I found my stride quickly and a walking stick to go along with!

The First Four Months

She's eating my Birthday Cake!!!

There was a portion of the show called, 5-Minutes with Ayden.  Most of his interviews did not make the cut, but its funny hearing him just a year ago, before his voice changed.

Oh my beautiful wife!  She ate so much pizza, drank tons of root beer and her favorite, a box of Ding Dongs every day!  When Marie Calendar Pies went on sale, she would eat one daily.

Soda, at first she refused, said it tastes like battery acid, but she found some comfort with the root beer, up to two 2-Liters a day.

Week One, Jess gained around 5 Pounds.  After two weeks, she was up 10 Pounds!  It was an amazing start, but I think it was week 3 or 4, where she actually retracted a pound.  This didn't air, but her weigh in was only a few days after the prior week's weigh in.  This happened because we took a 10-day RV Trip to the Grand Canyon all the way up to Vancouver, Canada. 

                                             The Conflict!

When we came back from the trip, we were approached by the producers and advised that we were being scripted off.  I guess Cary and Parneille had already begun their journeys and filmed a scene with Willie and Quincy about our departure. 

Jess and I refused to go out.  However, they took away our film crew and one diary cam.  We used the remaining camera to film ourselves over the next month, much of that footage I have already shared on Social Media and I'll provide some videos in a separate post.  This is the first I am talking about it, but I'm going to hold it in a bit longer to see how things pan out.

Perhaps it sparked a fire under us.  Jess ramped up her PFP Eating Frenzy and barley moved a muscle unless it was an absolute must.  Meanwhile, I maintained a certain weight by building muscle and eating mildly. 

Midway Point


My wife went over and above the call of duty.  This was dangerous, perhaps she took it too seriously.  Did you know she lost her period for 5 months?  The show never discussed this.  The doctor assumed she was pregnant, gave her a pregnancy test, but of course it came up negative.  Just unreal - SHE GAINED 50 Pounds in 4 Months!  Are you kidding me!

In the Hospital
The Big (pun intended) Reveal

Little Reveal Secrets (another pun)

On the morning of the group weigh-ins, each trainer secretly met up with a producer and were told that the goal weights were going down from 40% to 30% (since nobody was coming close to the cut).  Jess was already outraged by the fact that others hadn't seemingly gained much weight, and that they were posting pics on social media all this time, carrying out their normal daily lives.  All the while, Jess did not share a single selfie, she truly did not workout, she felt like she got a raw deal - and she did. 

The pics on right are supposed to be the trainers as "fat", you decide.

While everyone was liquiding up to add final false weight, my wife decided to Not eat anything at all.  Stories are true about sucking down a gallon of pickle juice, bottle after bottle of water and so on.  Some puked just after their weight was registered.  Jessi did come out with a ding-dong in her mouth, but that was the only thing she ate that day.  Realistically, she could have stretched it to 190 pounds, but the 181 pound reading marked an exact gain of 50 pounds.  I was blown away, we all were.  Who is this girl?!

When I stepped off the scale for my mid-weight, I then decided to change my final goal weight to match my wife's 181.  I thought this was a bit overzealous.  My hope was to drop below 200, and 185 was my initial choice.  The rest is history...

The Missing...

What a workout this was!

So, I have zero photos or videos of me going from 240 to 178 pounds, except for the two above!  Nothing of my wife dropping 50 pounds in the same time frame.  Did you know, when I weighed in at the beginning and in the middle, I was the heaviest person?!  In the end, I dropped past most of them.  Okay, Eric obviously was going for the strong look, I get that.  Essentially, that is what I was doing in my first for months.  When you are bigger, you just feel stronger and pushing heavy weights, when you're a young dude, just feels good.  However, I married one athletic girl who loves to run.  And run me she did all the way to the most awesome feeling, one life without chafe, being able to fit into jeans comfortably, an indescribable feeling that is a 360 opposite of sloppy.  I achieved that, and running combined with fresh food did it!  It was her HIIT training boot camps that kept the rest of my core together.  In all my life, I never had a six pack.  My wife taught me the ways, gave me the tools, rode my as - And We Did It!  Now, where are my damn Rocky IV photos and Videos to inspire me again, and everyone else for that matter?!  I got an email into the network, so now we wait.......

To The End...

Final Group Shot (Parnielle & Cary on right replaced Willie & Q)

Random shot outside a grocery store
After an enjoyable hike


Dang, I can fit into these clothes.  I felt great man, let me tell you.  Look how hot my Jessi is.  I love you My Love!

Hmm, is she leaning closer to him?

These were the final scenes we shot to conclude our experience.   The producers wanted to close us out with a scene at the beach but the marine layer had moved in. 

We raced from Cemetery Park, where the sun seemingly had already set, and drove back above to the hills of our backyard, now scared due to the Thomas Fire.

The sun rose again for just a few minutes as the fog rolled in.  It made for an amazing collection.  Jess ran up and down the hills, did twenty minutes straight of HIIT workouts, harder than I've ever seen anyone ever work.

She brought it back, to 131, her starting weight.  Where it took Felecia one week to get back to normal range, my wife pushed to the last day of the four month time span.  In doing so, she became ill again and found herself in the hospital for the Third time during this show's taping.  None of which was ever revealed.

My Family & Friends - My Reveal!

With Leah, our producer

My Sub 6-Minute Mile Body


With Lori, and she did Amazing!


**Update, got an email from production, seems like we may get some video and/or more pictures.  Stay Tuned...


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