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Sunday, June 9, 2013

**I'm checking out this new advertising site. I will say, I am against guns. That said, check out this ad:

I actually bought a pair of Denali shoes. I wore them on my Mt. Baldy climb. Are they the best, NO. However, for the price, it works out just fine...

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  1. Hi, this is Jeremy Jacobus and I just wanted to comment. This post recently came up in my top 10 popular hits over the past 30 days. No clue why. In fact, I totally forgot that at one point I tried to monetize my site - epic fail.

    Receiving on average around 500 pageviews a day, it would make sense to have some form of revenue from it. When I first started, I used Adsense and got one check for $100. However, they suspended me because I suggested on FB posts to click on my sponsors to help them out. I didn't think that was such a bad thing, but I guess if people, even myself, got carried away with it - lost that ad outlet for life. Big deal, because that is Google.

    I tried to contact them, email, whatever. They made it impossible so I gave up.

    The ads above are from something else. I never got a dime off them. I would take them down, but I'm the Lazy Hiker and whatever. Its part of my blog, and for some reason, popular. So enjoy the ads, but don't forget to check out my hikes... This is a Free blog, and I feel better about that.



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