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Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 911: Jimmy Morrison's Cave - The Doors - Backbone Trail Coral Canyon - Mesa Motorway - Kaslow Natural Preserve

Jimmy Morrison's Cave - The Doors

Day #911 * Hike #1147 * New Track #895
Backbone Trail - Corral Canyon - Malibu, CA

Jimmy Morrison's Cave - The Doors
Mesa Motorway - Kaslow Natural Preserve
Wednesday May 15, 2013
My Tripometer: 2.25 Hourss * 6.25 Miles * +575 Feet

 Welcome to Corral Canyon

From the PCH in Malibu, between Kanan and Malibu Canyon Road, turn up Corral Canyon.  There is a traffic light and gas station here so it would be hard to miss.  You'll immediately pass the trailhead entrance to Day 413: Solstice Canyon.  I did this on New Years Day 2012 - THE Saddest Day of my life!!!

Anyhow, continue up Corral Canyon.  First time for me to ever drive up this road and woah, I was completely blown away by the rock formations and open beauty.  At 5 miles in, you'll final reach the trailhead.  If you go just a quarter mile further, you'll reach the end of the road and other trailheads.

Backbone Trail - Mesa Motorway
(New Map - I've done most of the trails)

*******Flash Forward:


Back To Day 911:

 Free Parking on the road - past the gate to join the backbone 0.3 miles

 Looking back towards Corral Canyon

 Amazing Rock Formations Everywhere!

Turning right on the backbone trail
(the Jimmy Morrison Cave is just ahead)

The Cave - Nearly looks like a carved out image of him
Inside the Cave
**I'm nearly certain that this is the cave referred to as the Jimmy Morrison Cave.  I only found out about this when two young hikers looking for it asked me about it.  I told them that I had no idea?  I then researched it on the web and it looks like this is it.  Come'on Baby Light My Fire...
 Looking towards the Kaslow Natural Preserve
360 degree views - out over the ocean
And the long Backbone Trail Awaits me
Very little shade, strong running...
 A sign from the aliens
(think I've been in the sun too long)
 Approaching the peak
 Malibu Canyon Road
 Corral Canyon
Trail to Mesa Peak
(I figured that I would do this when I hike from Malibu Canyon Road)
 Suzanne Sharp 1944 - 2013
(My turn around spot)
 All the way back to the Doors
 Trailhead to the left, lets go right...
 trail over the rocks
Deciding to take the extra loop at the end to complete this portion of the Backbone was a great idea!  However, I did get lost for a moment in the rocks.  Just keep your wits about you and make your way back towards the Corral Canyon side.  The trail picks back up and its easy to hike.  Don't try to push through the overgrown.  That's wrong, I know this cause I have scratches to prove it...
The Earth overtakes an old car
Looking up towards Castro Crest
Bulldog Motorway?
I reached the parking lot of trailheads.  From here, you can take the Bulldog or resume on the Backbone 4.2 miles to Latigo Canyon Road.  For me, I will return to complete the 2.6 mile section of the Backbone which leads to Newton Motorway, before Latigo.  I hiked from Latigo to Newton on Day 882.  --This was a good workout.  Would have been a breeze of cake on a bike.  In any event, another 3 miles of the Backbone taken care of.  Of course it takes me over 6 miles just to scratch off 3, but I'm getting there and anticipate completing it before my 1000 Days are up.  And now I have all the maps - so this will happen!


  1. Sorry. Your picture is not the Morrison Cave. Keep looking.

  2. Doug Frampton is correct. Sadly, the real caves are covered in graffiti.

  3. We have lived in Corral Canyon since 1958 and i can assure you that the Jim Morrison cave is a myth. Everything you see carved into the walls of that cave we done after the 1980's… so unless Jim Morrison came back from the dead (not likely), everything you see is just vandalism. riot to that there were some beautiful native Chumash works. Don't continue the "lie"

    1. It sounds like there's Chumash rock art in the area around the cave? I'm fascinated with petroglyphs. Are they still there?

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