Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cleveland, Oregon - Wildlife Safari

Friday August 12, 2016: Day 5 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Cleveland, Oregon - Wildlife Safari

Cleveland Cemetery

The Community of Cleveland is located in Douglas County, Oregon at an elevation of 446 feet.  According to Rand McNally, Cleveland had a population of 21 people in 1895 with a post office and no railroad service.  Cleveland was not included in the past Census, thus there is no current population information.  I suspect more people reside in the Cemetery versus those who actually are alive today.  That said, there is a street called Cleveland Hill and appears this community may overtake the final resting place.

My Pursuit of Cleveland
Since starting this blog I have visited Eight different cities of Cleveland in Eight different states.  This one in Oregon is actually my 7th visit and before concluding this RV adventure, I will have visited Cleveland, Washington (my 8th).  Reining from Cleveland, Ohio, my goal is to visit all the different cities of Cleveland in each state.  Not every state has a city/town of Cleveland, but if there is one, my plan is to visit.  Living now in California, there is no Cleveland, California.  However, there was once a town with a post office - Cleveland, CA, but this town no longer exists.  Perhaps I will swing by this area at some point and see what I can dig up...

Cleveland is always on my mind.  In fact today I just received a new Shirt in the mail:

"Cleveland Runs Through my Veins"

I can fill an entire closet with Cleveland paraphernalia.  This is just picture is just a glimpse.

Back to Cleveland, I take notice of streets with the name, parks, such as the Cleveland National Forest, but for now, it is not my goal to see everything Cleveland.  That would be near impossible and insane.  Keeping it to the cities only, for now .. hey, it's a goal, just like 1000 Hikes in 1000 Days was, and I did!

On this trip, in search for a possible Cleveland, Oregon, upon finding it, I found a Wildlife Safari less than 20 minutes away in Winston, Oregon.  Both locations were basically in route for where we needed to go - Phoenix to Seattle.  Perfect, random find!  And this is why.  We drove our RV through the park, perfect for the kids!  ---I got discount tickets, either from their website or on Groupon.  I forget which, but if you plan to go, check it out - and check this out...

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