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PCT: Pacific Crest Trail from Vasquez Rocks to the Tunnel and Beyond...

Star Trek: "They're not like us Jim"

Hiking along the PCT from Vasquez Rocks

Before hitting the trail, I climbed the big rock.  This seems to be the main attraction back here so I had to do it.  Up top, I wondered why I was there.  Certainly cool, but stupid too.  I was holding my phone and video camera for the TV Show.  With no hands to guide myself up the big rock, I was quite scared.  Getting up there wasn't the problem.  It was turning around and coming down, sliding on my butt.  Back on Earth, in search for the PCT, where is this trail?!

Hike 10.21 MI ON 10/23/2016


1211 ft

Agua Dulce, CA, United States
Jeremy Jacobus Time: 4:14:53
This is a 10.22 mi route in Agua Dulce, CA, United States. The route has a total ascent of 1211.87 ft and has a maximum elevation of 3,195.44 ft. 

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2532 FT
3195 FT
1211 FT


When you turn into the main parking area, turn left, away from the Visitor Center and you will see the flag on your left a ways down.  If you pass this, you'll reach the main attraction.  No big deal.  You could hit the PCT from the Rock as well, but the signs aren't there.  I ended up looping back through parking area on the way back, no big deal.

I've been back here before.  Exit Aqua Dulce from the 14 Freeway and head north 2.5 miles to the park.  For my previous rained out experience, click on: Day 126: Geology Trail

I look back now and see that I totally botched the name of this place!  Nevertheless, let the hike begin for today...
Just in case you weren't sure: PCT = Pacific Crest Trail 

After the burn, turn left at this junction

First 1.5 miles, many signs; an interpretive trail

The Tunnel under the 14 Freeway
For years I've been wanting to hike to this tunnel, and finally, now I have.

I dropped my son off at nearby Magic Mountain so I still had more time to explore.  The Tunnel is about 2 miles from the trailhead, wasn't figuring on going too much further, but let's see what happens...

Looking back
It says here the park is only 1 mile back, but that represents the boundary, not where my car was parked.  And here, as I start to piece the PCT together, I see Bouquet Canyon on this sign.  If I were going the other way, look back at a couple of my hikes between here and there:

Day 324: PCT Bouquet Canyon

PCT: Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch

Looking back, I saw a pic I took that states Mexico is 465 miles from Bouquet Canyon.  Therefore, from this spot Mexico is only 452 miles along the trail.  Let's see how far I can get...
From Jacobus Peak
The hike from the Tunnel begins a climb.  You follow along the 14 Freeway for a while before turning away from.  Nothing much to photo of.  I kept up a fast pace under the hot sun.  I felt pressure from the time, but then Ayden called and asked that I extended him an extra hour.  Well, okay...

I continued up the trail all the way to the top.  It takes a bit, several miles before you get to the ridge.  Finally making it, you feel the wind from each side.  So nice, a cool down from the heat's scorcher.  No complaints though, I'll take mid 80's out here versus the monster three figures Santa Clarita burns in the summer.

Hmm, feeling hungry and eager, I branch off the PCT and climb the sharp climb to my right.  But still not at the highest point, I turned left, across and a bit higher before reaching my perfect point, Jacobus Peak I shall call it and 360 degree views all around.

The sky seemed to want to give way - is it going to rain because I am 5+ miles from my car?  I drank some more water, had a protein bar and then finally, turned back...

The Interesting Sky
Oh, I ran for a couple of miles.  It was a fast pace down and then stride of exhaustion for the final two.  I was still just a couple months off my heaviest weight.  I did quite a bit of Diary Camming.  Not sure if they will air any of what I did on the show, but I did complete this hike, just in time to pick up my son.  Sure do miss hiking like this, but relieved it's not every day.  Still can't believe I was able to pull that one off for 1000 Days.  Now, I just enjoy it when I do...

Heading Back: The Tunnel, from the other side


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