Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 257: Westlake Vista Trail & Las Virgenes Reservoir

Las Virgenes Reservoir

Day 257: Firday July 29, 2011
Westlake Vista Trail
Where: Westlake Village
Distance: 3.75 miles +350 feet
Time: 1 hour
 My 257 Day Summary: 894.75 miles  +111,600 feet


I discovered this trail just a few weeks back.  For driving instructions, please follow: Day 239: Pentachaeta Trail

I came back a week ago with the intention of hiking this but I left my hiking shoes at home so I took it to the street.  Today I was better prepared with camera phone in hand, which explains the poor quality of the pictures :(.

Begin with a fairly level and short jog

At the fork in the trail, head left toward the rock formation

Looking back...
The trail becomes very steep and there appears to be alternate ways to go.  I figured it out and near the top to the right was a little path that lead through the bushes to an opening.  Below, a large body of water; The Las Virgenes Reservoir (as pictured above).  Instead of going back to what I presumed to be the "main trail", I wandered down to water level to approach the reservoir.  I once saw this body of water when I hiked Day 50: Lake Eleanor  Today I was on the other side.  I reached a fence and was forced to turn around.  I took another trail lower, which lead back to the original fork just a quarter mile from the trailhead.

Barely 30 minutes into my workout, under 2 miles of trailing, my legs were just getting warmed up.  So, I headed up Lindero Road and turned right on the first street.  Open Space:

 (Private Property)

There was an upper trail that seemed to follow the street and then there was the lower trail that I took.  I ran it fast and took the obstacles in stride like a hurdler. 

The shaded forest began like an off road place for bmx bikes.  I've discovered several underground places like this in the past but nothing as fascinating as Day 14: Ventura Barranca

The trail went back a bit further but once it got too thick, I said forget about it.  I was in shorts and no shirt and places like these always seem to lead to poison oak.  Not today.  A swift run back and my journey is over.  --I will return to really hike the Westlake Vista Trail.  On a quick google skip, there is not much mention of this place.  Next time I hike it, that will change!

Day 256: Thursday July 28, 2011
Football at Arroyo Verde
Where: Ventura
Distance: 3.75 miles +500 feet
Time: 2 hours
In celebration of the NFL finally confirming that there will be a season, we brought the football on this when.  While Jess and Sammi took off down the trail, Alyssa, Ayden and I jogged behind while playing leapfrog with the football.  The games continued out into the field and we did cut down into the field on a short path that I had not taken before.  Just for fun, I surged up beyond the western fence line in another off trail that I've never stepped foot on.  Actually, that really sucked, but football was fun!

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