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Day 261 & 259: Sulphur Springs & Mondos - Solimar Beach

Red Ants along the Sheep Corral Trail

Day 261: Tuesday August 2, 2011
Sulphur Springs at Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons
Where: Oak Park
Distance: 6.5 miles +900 feet
Time: 2 hours

From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Kannan and head north for about 3 miles.  Turn right on Sunny Crest Dr. and follow the street around until it becomes Doubletree Rd.  Look on the right for the trailhead:

I was just south of this area last week: Day 255: Palo Comado & Modelo Trails    
Today, I set forth on a longer adventure under the hot 95+ degree sun!  WIth my shirt off, I booked up the quarter mile stretch to the gate:

 Keeping up the stride, the legs felt good today

 Turn left on the Palo Comado Canyon Trail

 After a mile, my jog turned into a sweaty lug up hill

 Take a sharp right on the Sheep Coral Trail
Continuing straight would take you to China Flat & Simi Peak: Day 235

 Looking back on what I've done

 Looking forward on whats to come...

 The old Sheep Corral

The trail will soon fork.  You may take either branch.  I took the right and it will lead pass a large tree.  For most people, this would be a good spot to rest and shade from the sun.  I figured that I was nearly 3.5 miles into my jog/hike, but I decided to keep pacing.  The trail meet back up at the junction:

 Shepherds Flat; turn right, we're heading home...


 Baleen Wall in the distance

Look at the picture above.  You will notice a small sign to the left of the trail.  The writing on this sign is mostly worn out, but there was a similar sign less than a quarter mile back.  The Seal Treasure is the words written on the sign.  If you are not signed up for the game, please visit:

 Sulphur Springs

Before actually passing the Baleen Wall, you will reach the Sulphur Springs.  This place is a nice relief from the hot sun.  The smell of sulphur was faint yet evident, hence the name.  I jumped into the dry creek bed and took this picture:

I started the run with 25 ounces of water.  I was still about 2 miles from my bike and only had about 4 ounces of the wet stuff left.  I jogged on the easy parts and wet my lips frequently for the final up hill.

There's a final 200+ foot climb on the Ranch Center Connector.  Dude, I was so happy when I started climbing down this and then I remembered I still needed to climb another 100 feet to get out.  But, I made it, zipped up to the nearest gas station and guzzled a Gatorade.  Personally, I love running in the heat.  I sweat more, my body feels good but I underestimated the liquid.  I am no longer a camel like how I once was a decade ago.  I'm losing weight but I'm still in the 210's for sure.  --Hey, it was a good work out, a bit longer than what I usually do, but I'm glad I did it!


Day 259: Sunday July 31, 2011
Solimar & Mondos Beach: State Beaches Ventura
Distance: 2.5 miles +25 feet
Time: half day


Exit at State Beaches just North of Ventura.  Follow the PCH a couple of miles and find a place to park just before the houses begin on the left (Solimar Beach).  This area is known as Mondos Beach and it's one of the nicest areas to take your kids and teach them how to surf:

 Beyond Solimar beach to Faria Beach

The rocks partially separate Mondos and Solimar but it was low tide and I am capable.  I jogged the beach for a while, but I didn't quite make it to Faria.  I then turned back:

 From Solimar Beach, looking toward Ventura at Mondos Beach

I jogged back past the kids, then U-turned back and jumped in the water!  The water temp was about 65, very cold at first but once I jumped on the surfboard, it was all good.  --I don't think I'll ever be able to stand on the board, but riding the waves on my gut and knees was still fun.  Then, when I was done, my kids showed me how to stand.  Yep, they're California Kids!

***I will update Days 260, 262 and whatever I decide to do tomorrow--next time...

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