Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 273: No More Seals!

Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary (Today)

Day 273: Sunday August 14, 2011
No More Seals!
Distance: 3.5 miles +75 feet
Time: 2 Hours 



The last time I visited the Seal Sanctuary was on  Day 199: June 1, 2011  I took the day off work to walk along the beach where it was now open to the public.  However, there were still seals so I turned back...

From the 101 Freeway in Ventura, drive north about 20 minutes to Carpineteria.  Exit on Casitas Pass Road and turn left.  Make your next left on Carpinteria Ave.  Drive about 500 feet and turn right on Arbor Verde St.  Immediately, turn right on the first street, Concha Loma Dr.  Drive around the swerve and turn left on the next street, Calle Ocho.  Follow this to the end and park:

Walk across the tracks and down to the beach...

I found yet another spot to park the car and walk to the Sanctuary.  This street piggybacks up against Carp State Beach Campground and is relatively close to the seals.

 It's Low Tide!

 The Seal Stop Sign (December - May)

Last time I was here, the high tide made this area impassible (for most).  I was able to jump from cove to cove but I have to imagine that people do get trapped here as the day wears on...

 Tar!  I'm walking on new ground...

 One lone Seal hanging far out in the water
(My presence sent him further out)

 Tar and Graffiti
 This is it.  This is where they live, if they could...

 Seal View

 Imagine this at high tide!

 Want to have a picnic here???

 Trouble! Prolly throwing rocks at the sole seal :(
 Missing their friends (or baby meat)

 Alternate way up...

So this is what I figure.  I still have a strong heart for this place and I truly believe that I have the opportunity to make a difference.  I began the campaign to save the seals and designed the website: www.SEALtheBeach.com  If I wasn't so busy with family, work and hiking every single day, maybe I could dedicate more time to this project.  I figure that when the time is right, it will all come together....

***I'm falling behind on my blog entries.  I have many more pics and hikes to update.  I went out of order to publish this one but I had to get it off my chest!  I spent nearly 2 hours here and thoroughly walked this uncharted beach for hopefully, the last time! 

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