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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 635: After the Fire - Pepper Tree Playfield

Overlooking the 101 from the Fire Zone

Day #635 * Hike #749 * New Track #619
Saturday August 11, 2012
After the Fire - Pepper Tree Playfield - Newbury Park, CA

My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours  * 2.5 Miles * +225 Feet
Follow the directions on Day 634: Fire on the Grade!  When you reach the fire line, the Edison Road, turn right.  On Day 634 I went to the left and a day later, this blogpost, I went right...
 Remnants of a trail

Heading down the Edison Road
My wife and kids are at the Park so I must find a way there

 Approaching the Weigh Stations on the Grade

Yesterday this road was covered withe Firemen.  Today, it is Mine!  At the bottom I reached a locked gate.  Moreover, barbed wire covered it from all angles.  I was able to duck under the fence and I began to trek along the road which will take me to the park...

 Ah, another trail I see!

This trailhead is across from the Mobile Park along Old Conejo Road.  I will return someday to explore it...
 Ayden playing at Pepper Tree Park

Alyssa and Ayden playing a neat game here
I have been to this park before in my 1000 Days.  The park offers a 7/8th mile dirt running track.  Pretty cool place, but it was anything but cool today.  We drove up to Newbury Park to buy Alyssa new soccer shoes.  We spent the rest of the day at our pool...

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