Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 642: Serrano Creek Trail

Pathway to Serrano Creek near the Trailhead

Day #642 * Hike #759 * New Track #627
Sunday August 19, 2012
Serrano Creek Trail - Mission Viejo, California
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +250 Feet

From Los Angeles, take the 405 South nearly to the end and take exit 1B Bake Parkway.  Turn left on Bake and about 1.75 miles down turn right onto Via Del Rio.  You will see the Serrano Creek to the right.  Park your car on the street and begin your hike.  This is a great biking trail and it goes all the way to Whiting Ranch/Limestone Canyon.

 The dry creek

 The trail goes between the neighborhoods
(one step from the city pavement to this shaded serenity)

 Many ways to make a quick exit

The temperature was 72 this morning and the trail was in fast condition. I ran most of it but carefully crossed the busy Trabuco intersection.  It was early morning and I conned my wife into dropping me off.  It was a race back to the hotel before Alyssa's game time.  After Trabuco expect to feel the incline but it was steady enough that it didn't faze me.  Stay to the right on the junctions and this will take you to my destination, Extended Stay America.  We usually pay up to stay at a 4 star hotel but today we toned down for this 1 star venue with no pool.  It’s only about a mile from the hotel to Whiting Ranch but there was no time for this added adventure right now.  Hmm, maybe I will do this after the game? 

 View of the Serrano Trail from our Hotel window

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