Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 822: Quick Draw at Paramount Ranch - Coyote Trail

Save the Clock Tower

Day #822 * Hike #1026 * New Track #808
Friday February 15, 2013
Quick Draw - Paramount Ranch - Agoura, CA

Coyote Trail
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +100 Feet

It was another blah week of hiking, trouncing on new yet blah type trails.  So to spice things up, I went back to Paramount Ranch to explore the regions that I have not trekked over yet.

This was my second visit to the old movie set since beginning my 1000 Day adventure.  For driving instructions pleas follow: Day 639: Paramount Ranch


Walking in to Western Town, I found myself on set.  I asked a security guard, who was actually an actor with broken English, and he told me they were filming the TV Show Quick Draw.  From what I could gather with the actresses dressed all pretty and the dudes just being rugged, this must be some sort of challenge to win over the women.  Just a guess.  We'll prolly see it air on NBC or one of those next works next year...

 Onward with the hike, this way...
 Found the Coyote Trailhead

On my last visit to Paramount, I had intended to hike this trail but somehow wound up at Malibu Lake.  Speaking of Quick Draw, if I recall correctly one of the residents of that community warned that he will shoot me if I trespass on his property...

 Fine, let's check it out...

 Joy, a picnic table

The views up here were pretty neat, but I chose not to include them on this post.  There is a trail that makes its way past the table.  I forced my way through it for a moment and then turned back.  It wasn't a legit trail.

 I went this way

 Then I went right; many options...

 Nice shaded areas back here

This was the 2nd dead end trail that I passed
I considered taking it, but I didn't want to get shot, lol

 This way...

A deer lurking at me

I climbed the hill up here to attempt a better shot.  I discovered a second doe but they both took off before I could Quick Draw.  I guess I lost this week's episode.  Okay, back to the show...

 Balanced Rock?

 Back into a field

 Back into the shade; I jogged a good portion of this

After circling the perimeter of the park, I turned right here...

 Met back up with the water

 Back in town

 Photo Shoot

Perfect Hiking Shoes

**I am in training for Mt. Whitney.  Obviously this hike lacks elevation gain and distance but stay tuned.  Ayden and I just tackled our biggest climb to date.  I will update that post; when I can :)

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