Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 890: Wood Canyon Vista Trail - Backbone Trail - Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road - Overlook Fire Road

Deer on the Wood Canyon Vista Trail (Backbone)


Day #890 * Hike #1119 * New Track #874
Wood Canyon Vista Trail (Backbone Trail) - Malibu, CA

(A Week Before the Springs Fire)
Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road - Overlook Fire Road
Wednesday April 24, 2013
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 10.75 Miles * +1200 Feet

 Free Parking

Follow the driving directions from Day 547: Over the Great Sand Dune.  The PCH is lined with No Parking Anytime signs, except for this one sign on the Southbound side in front of Sycamore Cove.  This is less than a quarter mile from the Sycamore Canyon Trailheads.  Good Luck :)

 On my bike, today we are going to pedal deep into Sycamore Canyon
 Ride through the gate

Trailhead begins after the campground

Follow the pink route up to the backbone...

**Update, I drove up here yesterday and due to the fire, everything is wiped out, and I do mean EVERYTHING!  Horrible!  I'm at least glad I got this hike/bike in before it all happened.  I just wonder where the deer ran off to...

 Fireline Trail on the left about a mile in...

Keep going along the wide and easy to use Big Sycamore Canyon Road.  You pass the Scenic Trail and Overlook Trail on the left.  About a quarter mile past the Fireline Trail, you will pass the Serrano Canyon Trail on the right...

 Serrano Canyon Trailhead

The day before the fire broke out, I hiked back in Serrano Canyon.  Amazing area, follow this blog and I will write about this in the near future.  However, what I saw is so ancient now.  Yesterday, I drove around Serrano Canyon from Deer Creek Road and the beautiful green grass is now totally charred!

 Keep going up Big Sycamore - very mild elevation gain

 random camp on the left - probably destroyed!

 Wood Canyon Vista Trailhead (Backbone Trail)

I saw the deer in the title pic at this point.  OMG, I have to ride my bike up this!  The trail goes 1.8 miles from 195 feet to 925 feet.  Eventually, you will top over 1000 feet before heading back down.  I walked my bike for at least half of the way...

 The trail was in pretty good shape - it was a soggy day though

 Looking over the mist and Sycamore Canyon

 Finally, reached Overlook Road, turn left (still the Backbone)

 La Jolla Valley - probably got charred from the fire

 A final look at her hidden beauty before heading back

 Laguna Peak - Property of the US Navy

 Cool weather, great for the long hike!

 Views of the Islands

 Haha... Glad I have the bike to roll down hill
You will pass Ray Miller Trail on your way down

where the Backbone completes at PCH
 Interesting angle of the Channel Islands

 passing the Fireline Trail - All down hill from here

Back out to Big Sycamore Canyon Road

**More Fire News, to come...

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