Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 1: BIG SUR - (52 POUNDS in 52 WEEKS)

Elephant Seals near Hearst Castle

New Year's 2016 Weight: 240.9
Week One Weight: 239.2
Total Weight Loss: -1.7 Pounds

 New Year's Day - Drove up the coast to Big Sur

Tan Bark Trailhead

Following a creek up the mountain through the forest of...

...Giant Trees!


The New Year started off great.  We hiked a short portion of the Tan Bark and then crossed HWY 1 down to a tunnel which lead to a wild cove.  At night we found a cabin at the Big Sur Lodge and stayed the night.  We enjoyed the warm up wood burning fire place in place of the TV. A family of deer greeted us outside the cabin in the morning.

The next day we drove through Carmel, Monterrey and paid the 10 bucks to drive around Pebble Beach (17 Mile Scenic Drive).  We saw more seals, more awesome blue water coastline and of course did some shopping and ate out .. Wait; I supposed to be losing weight -- Why am I ordering a Pizza??

--It's okay, just 1 pound a week so I'm good by easing into it and my little hike should offset it.

El Nino: Driveway, Yard & Garage Flooded

Let the winter storms begin!  I took two days off work this week.  Some sort of cold, loud buzzing noise in my head and perhaps I got 4 hours of total sleep for the entire week.  Too exhausted to think about working out.  Lack of appetite, figured I would drop some weight from the soup diet.  Okay, well maybe I ate a bit more than that, but I did have soup too - and no beer!  I had a bottle of Champagne; left overs from New Years.

Week 1: 239.2
Week 1 - January 8, 2015
Week 1 round up.  I lost 1.7 pounds by not doing much (well I took off my pajama bottoms so maybe that attributed a half pound?)

I'm still not feeling great, but I have gotten some more sleep and I am seriously thinking about hitting the gym and eating better.  Until Next Week...

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