Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 2: FIRST RUN OF 2016 - (52 POUNDS in 52 WEEKS)


Flashback  - Day 426 Searching for Charles Manson
January 14th, 2012

It was 4 years ago and I was nearly halfway through my goal of hiking 1000 Trails in 1000 Days.  Check it out ... Click Here for Day 426

New Year's 2016 Weight: 240.9
Week Two Weight: 238.4 Pounds
Total Weight Loss: -2.5 Pounds

Week 2: 238.4 Pounds * January 15, 2016
I only lost 0.8 pounds this week, but still on target of losing one pound a week, on average, for 52 weeks.

My First Run
Sunday January 10, 2016
Ventura Promenade
Estimated 2.25 Miles
Time 35 Minutes

**Horrible!  I started at the beginning of the path, near the In & Out Burger in Ventura.  I dropped off Ayden for Track Practice on the Beach and ran solo to the Promenade.  After only a few steps in, I could tell this was going to be an issue.  I had nothing.  No lungs, no legs, no form.  Just one big NO NO!  It's as if I never ran before!!  

At age 41, taking nearly a year off from any physical exercise proved to be too much to overcome.  Regardless, I forced my legs in a slump running formation, all the way past the pier and then when passing Aloha Steak House, I noticed my reflection in the windows and, hmmm, My Goodness - I am Fat!  I literally looked like an old fat man trying to run.  

I turned around shortly thereafter and kept my snails pace for a moment, and then lost stride into a slow walk where my attention drew to the surfers riding the waves.  This was my first pure sweat of the year.  I walked for a bit and then saw the Ventura Tigres distance runners heading towards me.  I used to coach the Ventura Express, Cross Country team, and recognized many of those kids.

Eventually, they circled back around and passed me.  However, when one kid said hi, I opted to motion my walk into his jogging pace.  I carried that back to the end and -- Pain!

...Earlier that day I went to the gym with my wife, but only for a moment.  She was there to drop something off, but I did manage to sneak in one set in on my abs, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.  Hardly enough to call it a workout, but the ab part kept the gut sore for a few days to come.

Diet Struggles
Saturday - Monday was pretty decent; A mix of salads and healthier foods.  However, by the time the week was over, I had 3 Big Cheeseburgers, 3 Sloppy Joe Sandwiches, 2 Sliders and a pint of Beer - First Beer of the Year!  Thus, I gained back most of what I lost for the week, but it's okay; still heading the right direction - goal to drop very slowly so that my body could adjust rather than be shocked

**I have still been sick?  Buzzing in my head - headaches.  Flem and cough, but I am sleeping better. 

One Step at a Time... 

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