Friday, September 28, 2012

Ayden Diving Video - 2012

Ayden Wins the Gold - 2012!

Click the link above to check out a quick video that I made for my son...

Day 676: College of the Canyons

Ayden at the Starting Line

Day #676 * Hike #812 * New Track #664
Saturday September 22, 2012
College of the Canyons - Santa Clarita, CA
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +150 Feet
 The walk-thru

From the I-5 in Santa Clarita, I believe you exit at Valencia Blvd or Road and the college will be just up the road on the right.  The cross country run begins on pavement and then travels along the dirt trail...

 One of the girls found some acorns

 So far, nice course...

 Crossing over a dry wash...

 approaching a deadly cross-country hill

 Imagine running up this - and racing for nearly 2 miles...

 Overlooking the course...

It was all downhill from here.  You run back to the pavement and then another half mile down a gradual grade to the stadium.  You finish with a 100 meter sprint on the track.  Personally, I would have loved this competition but this wasn't my race.  The course was very favorable with exception of the nasty 75 foot double climb.

For my tripometer, I increased this mileage because I was running around taking photos of Ayden and cheering him on, etc.  It was mid morning and our day was just getting started.  Ayden finished his 3k run in over 16 minutes; 2 minutes slower than last week.  For now, he hasn't found his running groove and motivation but he is getting better.  Bottom line, the work out is great for him long term...

...and he seems to enjoy it :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thru Day 675: Training...

Alyssa at Goalie - It was a Corner Kick...

Day #670 * Hike #806 * New Track #663
Sunday September 16, 2012
Manhattan Village Park - Manhattan Beach, CA
Manhattan Country Club
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet
 This gate is supposed to be locked, but...

 A central Tennis court and about 20 private courts

 We found a playground

Alyssa was warming up with the Eagles so Ayden and I turned this time into a hike.  We collected Tennis balls, bypassed the pool and eventually made our way back to the game.  Alyssa was utilized as a goalie for the first time in her club career.  The Eagles have been without a true goalie all season so the girls agree to trade off. 

It was a corner kick and the ball hit one of our teammates and shot into the goal.  There is really nothing more Alyssa could have done and at least we still won this game.

Playground near the soccer fields
Day #671 - 672 * Hike #807 - 808 * Duplicate Tracks
Monday - Tuesday September 17 - 18, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA
Cross Country Training
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 2.25 Miles * +125 Feet
The typical work week begins with two days of running in the hills.  The momentum is picking up and so is my speed.  Oh yeah, Ayden is doing better too...
Day #673 * Hike #809 * Duplicate Tracks
Wednesday September 19, 2012
Los Robles Trail - Los Padres Trail - Thousand Oaks, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +425 Feet
With no other assignments today, I ran through the shady Los Padres Trail and then up the familiar hill to the top.  I checked on the cache that I hid up there and yep, it's still there.  With all that's going on in my life and such little interest in the cash cache, I've decided to stop the program.  I was out a hundred bucks because somebody cashed my check, which I hid in Twin Pines near Little Mutua.  Whoever cashed it never bothered to email me so, good job for finding it :)
Day #674 * Hike #810 * Duplicate Tracks
Thursday September 20, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +100 Feet
More cross country training at the Verde!
Day #675 * Hike #811 * Duplicate Tracks
Friday September 21, 2012
Los Robles Trail - Moorpark Trailhead - Thousand Oaks, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +600 Feet
At the end of Moorpark Road in Thousand Oaks, park your car and run away.  This is a duplicate trail but I can't remember the last time I was here.  For the first few minutes of the run, the track is quite easy.  However, you then run up a steep hill and then shortly thereafter, you run up an even steeper hill!  After that, it becomes slightly more level but the gradual incline will test your stamina if you are still able to run this far, which I did - thanks to the cross country training.
Then, the fun begins.  A steep uphill battle to the top.  I took this way versus the long about circular way which brings you to the same point.  I went all the way to the top by the satellites and then jogged back down and around.  I haven't been doing much elevation lately and my legs really felt this one.  I'm exhausted...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 670: Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier

Day #670 * Hike #805 * New Track #662
Sunday September 16, 2012
Manhattan Beach, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +75 Feet
 Busy Breakfast/Lunch joint off 13th

 Mr. Cecils - A Place for Ribs - I had coleslaw

 Walking around town

 I hiked out on the pier while the kids jumped in the water

 Looking West or North (to the right)

 Yes, there is a small aquarium inside (end of the pier)

 Hermosa Beach Pier?

 Under the Manhattan Beach Pier

 Ayden building a sand castle

I heard the two heavy duty choppers for 2+ minutes
They finally came into view...

We killed about 2 hours out here.  We grabbed a bite to eat at the Manhattan Pizza joint which is along the main street leading to the pier.  Horrible!  Hot, dirty, nasty, busy... Ayden and I each had a hot dog; personally, our Hebrew National dogs at home warmed up in a microwave tasted better than these nasty things --  We had to wait 20 minutes for two dogs; really?!

Day 670: Rancho Simi Community Park

The Ugly Duckling

Day #670 * Hike #804 * New Track #661
Sunday September 16, 2012
Rancho Simi Community Park - Simi Valley, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

 U-13 Camarillo Eagles

We were at Ayden's Diving practice in Simi and we decided to walk around to the front of the Park along Royal.  Last week I hiked down around the pond and the wash so marching across the soccer fields and softball fields opened up to a new track for me.  Ironically, the Camarillo Eagles were in town to face off against the Simi Valley squad.  We would be traveling down to Manhattan Beach later today to watch Alyssa face off in her match up.

 A concert in the park
(we were early but enjoyed them tuning the guitar)

 <~Hsss... The Canadian Goose sounds like a snake

The squirrel got his nut on - no comment...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 669: Will Rogers State Beach - Temescal Canyon - Palisdades Park - Pacific Palisades - Swarthmore

Sunset at Will Rogers Beach

Day #669 * Hike #802 * New Track #659
Saturday September 15, 2012
Swarthmore - Pacific Palisades, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

Earlier that morning, Ayden ran in a 3k run at Corriganville, Simi Valley.  From there, he participated in his Club Diving lessons, also in Simi.  --The Day was just beginning...

 Fire on the 405

 Fire Chopper

 The plains swarmed the area...

There were at least 3 plains landing in the ocean and then flying right back to the scene to control this blaze.  With a vast populated area nearby, they couldn't take any chances.

While I was with Ayden in Simi this morning, my wife was in San Dimas with Alyssa who was competing in a soccer game.  The task to rendezvous in the Pacific Palisades was not easy.  I tried taking Sunset from the 405 to the PCH but the route was closed.  I drove in circles and in heavy traffic while my wife tried to navigate the directions over the cell phone...
 Palisades Park - Great Workout - Getting Closer!

We finally met up and made a purchase on some restaurant equipment for the Chill Out Frozen Yogurt shop.  Our hike began in the downtown district of Pacific Palisades...

 Yogurt sampling (on Swarthmore)

 A unique juice bar


 Dolphin Walk

 Small park in town

Day #669 * Hike #803 * New Track #660
Saturday September 15, 2012
Will Rogers State Beach - Pacific Palisades, CA
Temescal Canyon - Palisdades Park
My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +75 Feet

 Free Parking on Temescal Canyon Road - Scenic walk to PCH

 Temescal Canyon - Palisdades Park

 Santa Monica in the distance

 Romance at sunset

 Here come the waves!


My Jess
***Long Drive back to Ventura...  At this point, I am exhausted.  Hiking, Running, Working, Driving = Everyday - No day off....  I'm still 8 days behind on my blog, but I need some sleep - Good Night...

Day 669: Trail Blazer Cave - Corriganville - SImi Valley

He has no idea how lucky he is right now :)!

From the cave above the cross country course

Day #669 * Hike #801 * New Track #658
Saturday September 15, 2012
Trail Blazer Cave - Simi Valley, CA
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 2 Miles * +250 Feet
**Ayden ran in his second 3k run today.  Unlike last week, this was an official run for the books.  After his event, I gave him time to rest and I found a cave.  When I returned to camp, I couldn't find my son.  Eventually, I looked in the bushes and found him with 3 girls!  Really dude - you have no idea...  He told me that one of them invited him in and then the other two joined.  Okay, so they were just hanging out, nothing was happening, but this is how it all begins.  My kids are getting older :)
 Bantam Runners: At the Starting Line!

In Simi Valley, take the 118 to Kuehner and then turn to the south toward Santa Susanna Pass.  About a mile up, turn left on Smith Road and the street will end at Corriganville Park.

 Girl Bantams finishing their run while the boys begin

And here they come around the turn
VC Express running together

 He finished the run in 14.18; Nine seconds faster than last week

 Okay, I'm off hiking now

 I went up this way

 Scrambling to the top


Well, I went the wrong way originally.  Where I was formed a trail, sort of, but then I had to scramble back through the brush to the main trail.  A bit further up, I found this sign and remembered the cave from last week.  I decided to proceed to find the cave...

 Slightly steep but doable

 I found the cave

 It goes about 15 feet back...

 You can still see runners below

The movie set next to the park
If you look back up at the 2nd title picture in this blog you will notice a train tunnel.  This goes all the way through the mountain and out the other side in Chatsworth.  I hiked there looking for Charles Manson's caves.  If you are interested in the hike back there, and its a good one, Search for Hike by City, Click on Simi Valley and then look for Chatsworth Park.  Have fun.  Still More to explore at Rocky Point and the Pass...



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