Sunday, November 28, 2021

Woodall Mountain - Highest Peak in Mississippi

Woodall Mountain - Highest Peak in Mississippi
807 Feet Elevation
47th Highest State Peak
Visited June 23, 2019

Pull up a driveway - the town sheriff lives here!

Completed this one on bike

At the Top

Cleveland - Missouri

Cleveland - Missouri
Population: 661
16th Largest Cleveland in the Country
Visited on August 20, 2018

JJ Road by the Ozarks; for Jeremy & Jessi

Tightwad Bank - Really?  Future Partner of FluxCredit?

Wonder which way I'll be going?

Welcome to Cleveland

On the other side of the tracks

Cleveland City Hall

Cleveland Post Office

They were closed

Cleveland Christian Church

City Streets - Reminds me of E 99 and St Clair

Cleveland Mini Storage

Cleveland BP

My first job ever, other than delivering newspapers as a kid, was the full service boy at the BP gas station located at Cedar & Green: South Euclid, Ohio - or was it University Heights, but should have been Beachwood.  Not many old Sohio gas stations in Cali, so pretty cool seeing Cleveland written across the job that paid for my college; Cleveland State University.  Go Vikings!

My walk around the block

Kansas City, just 20 Minutes north of Cleveland

Arrowhead Stadium

Taum Sauk Mountain - Highest Point in Missouri

Taum Sauk Mountain - Highest Point in Missouri
1772 Elevation
41st Highest State Peak in the US
Visited on August 20th, 2018

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

Mina Sauk Falls Trailhead

Edible Berries?

Squishy Sponge Dog Toys

Well Marked Trail

Mizzou High Point

Highest Spider in Mizzou

The Rock Marks the Spot

Why did the Turtle cross the trail?

...To get to the other side :)

One Red Leaf


Careful Stepping

Extending to the Falls

Looking up at wife and kid

The Falls

Under the falls


Why did the Snake cross the trail?


Magic Mushroom

3-Mile Trek   +428 Feet Elevation Gain

It's refreshing writing this post, actually trampling through the forest on a legit trail.  Missouri, Show Me!  If you're going to drive from St. Louis to KC, venture south of the freeway and travel through the Ozarks and climb to the highest point.  So much more to see in Mizzou and I will return.  For now, on our way to Cleveland, MO...

Cleveland - Iowa (Davis County)


Cleveland - Iowa
(Davis County)
Population: 675 (2000)
20th Largest Cleveland
Visited on June 18, 2019

This Cleveland was not found in my original research, but I had to drive through Iowa to get back to Cali and I discovered this area on Google.  So, we took the slight detour through the middle of nowhere and found absolutely nothing at all - not even a sign.  There were some side gravel roads, well graded, but we didn't drive down there in the bus.  Unlikely any signs or stores, just some agricultural residential.  Cleveland is not far from the bigger town of Bloomfield.  By the way, in doing my research, I later found another Township of Cleveland in Iowa in the northwest corridor near Sioux Falls.  We'll save that one for another trip.  Exciting, huh?!

Amish Country

Iowa Electric

Streets of Cleveland

Industrial Area

Ain't No Road Too Long - Follow That Bird

83 Acres - Sale Pending - Cleveland
If You Build It They Will Come

Streets of Cleveland



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