Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 617 - 619: Running Faster by the Day...

Day #617 * Hike #728 * Duplicate Track
Tuesday July 24, 2012
Camarillo High School - Camarillo, CA

The Mile Around the Blue
Happy Birthday Ayden!
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet
Ayden Turned 9 today.  If you look by the goal post, he is in the red hooded sweatshirt up to no good.  I broke away from Alyssa's soccer practice today to run the mile...

1.42.50  -- 7.20.60 Fastest Mile of the Year

I guess I ran here once last year; darn, thought this was a New Track today!  I'm starting to fall behind and really need another vacation to catch up!

The Cam High track looks cool but the old hard surface lacks the newer bounce that Buena has.  Although I set my fastest time of the year, I feel I could have performed even better.  The track was busy with little cheerleaders but I do not fault them.  I blame the heavy ladies walking five wide on the inside of the track which forced me into lane 6 on one turn!  Do you know how hard it is to run, shift to the far outside in the middle of the turn and then run back inside?  It completely winded me and I had to do this several times.  Onc family was pushing a baby stroller and another kid was on a bike.  This was not a good day to run a short distance for a good time.  Nevertheless, I pulled it off...

When the run was over, I ran up the concrete bleachers a few times and snapped a picture :)

Day #618 * Hike #729 * Duplicate Track
Wednesday July 25, 2012
Arroyo Verde - Ventura, CA

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +325 Feet

A trot through the park with Sammi.  No Geocache found.  Peanut Butter!

Day #619 * Hike #730 * New Track #607
Thursday July 26, 2012
Monte Vista Middle School - Camarillo, CA

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

During soccer practice at Valle Lindo Park, I walked away and found myself down the street at the middle school.  There was football practices everywhere!  I walked around the grass and reminisced on my favorite sport, other than hiking.

Day 616: The Loop Beyond the Los Robles Trail - Los Padres Trail - Hillsborough Trailhead

Day #616 * Hike #727 * New Track #606
Monday July 23, 2012
The Loop Beyond the Los Robles Trail - Thousand Oaks, CA
Los Padres Trail - Hillsborough Trailhead
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +850 Feet


From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Moorpark.  Head to the west towards the Santa Monica Mountains.  About a quarter mile up, turn left on Los Padres.  Head up the hill and then turn right on Hillsborough.  Park at the cul-de-sac.  The trailhead will be on your right.

Trail Junction, keep left up the dirt road 

The last time I trekked this way was on Day 16: Los Padres Trail.  This is a cool shaded trail which you can catch off Los Padres Road.  From this junction, I follow the short ten minute track up the hill.

 Spotted a large lizard in the rocks

 No Trespassing?

At the top of the hill you have several options.  On Day 16 I went left and climbed to the top of the radio tower.  Pretty cool views up there.  To the right, you will reach Day 24: Moorpark Trailhead.  So, today I decided to hike over the fence to see what's out there...

 Across the first field, I took a left

 The trail wraps around a second field...

 Eventually, you will reach a ranch

 I turned back and went left at the fork (came from the right)

 Bonus!  After climbing a hill, the trail lowers to a hidden pond!!!

 I continued straight - elevation gain!

 Overlooking Thousand Oaks Mall!

 Found a way back to the Los Robles Trail

Geocaching: FOUND!

Day #615 * Hike #726 * Duplicate Track
Sunday July 22, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +300 Feet

The search for my first Geocache continues.  I logged on to http://www.geocaching.com/ and began searching for a Peanut Butter jar.  The title of this cache was Mountain Lion Lunch Break, or something close to that.  I plugged in the coordinates on Google, memorized the location and then began my search.

I hiked down from my backyard to just above the park where the cache was supposedly hidden in some bamboo.  I found the bamboo off the trail but after ten minutes of searching, no cache!  Ugh!!

**Later that day, I drove with my wife and some kids to Juanamaria Park.  Using the GPS on her smart phone, we determined that there should be a cache hidden just behind this sign:

**I did not add this visit to Juana Maria as a Hike because I trekked less than a mile total (in case you were wondering).  With all the kids, we searched for a good 20 minutes and then finally found it!

Geocache found in a camo pill bottle!

To reach the cache, walk around the bushes facing the park and look hard.  It's in the last small tree to the north before the bushy shrubs.  I found the cache near the ground but replaced it at four feet in height because that's what the original description said.  What's inside you might ask?  Well, just a piece of paper for you to sign.

My wife said, "We're never doing this again.  It's stupid!"  I commend her for putting up with me today because I was stressing from morning to late afternoon in search for a cache.  When we finally found one, it would have been nice to actually discover treasure.

Hey, I get it.  It's fun just to find things.  It's an accomplishment and I was truly excited when I found it.  However, it did lack the luster that I was hoping for.  If you follow my blog regularly, you may recall that I used to hide "Seal Treasures".  This was in conjunction with my SEALthe Beach campaign last year.  I never did attract much of a following for it so I stopped hiding them altogether.  However, I have no come up with a new, promising concept.  Why not hide REAL MONEY in these caches?! 

Check out the game that I have created and play along.  Even if you read this from outside Cali, there's a part for you too.  Click on: PLAY the CASH CACHE Adventure!

Good Luck!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 615: Ventura River Preserve - Old Baldwin Road - Willis Canyon - Oso Ridge Trails

The Los Padres rises above!

Day #615 * Hike #725 * New Track #605
Sunday July 22, 2012
Ventura River Preserve - Baldwin Road Trailhead - Ojai, CA
Willis Canyon, Rice, Osos Ridge & Chaparral Crest Trails
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +175 Feet

 Old Baldwin Road Trailhead

 Ventura River Preserve Trail Map

From the 101 in Ventura, take the 33 North towards Ojai.  Drive past Oakview and just after you pass the fast food restaurants on the right, turn left on Baldwin Road (the 150).  Drive about a quarter mile passing La Luna and Rice.  Look for Old Baldwin Road on your right and turn down it.  At the end, you will see the trailhead.  This is a relatively new Trailhead and is handicap accessible for the first quarter mile.

 End of the paved route, but the dirt trail is easy with no elevation gain

 Ayden searching for a GeoCache

We came up empty!  As most of you know, I was recently in the Acorn and a local reader turned me on to http://www.geocaching.com/.  According to the site, there are 14 caches in this area.  Since I do not have a smart phone with gps tracking, I punched the coordinates in on Google and I tried my best to convert them into real time.  However, this was no easy task and I came up empty on all my finds.  Quite frustrating!


 Ayden found a rope swing

 Oso Ridge Trail Junction

There are many possible trail junctions to take prior to this point.  You can hike a 1/2 mile loop if you like or you can extend it further like we did.  The neighborhood off Rice Road was to our right the entire hike up to this point.  A bit further to the north from here you will intersect the Rice Road Trailhead which I hiked on Day 21: Chaparral Crest & Wills Canyon.  I came back to the area last year on Day 288: Riverview Trail.  I was eye to eye with a very large snake that day.

 The river is completely dry; expected for this time of year

 in the rainy season, deep pools of water can be found out here

 Sammi and Ziggy digging for water - It was 95 degrees HOT!!!

 We began climbing Oso Ridge
Sammi and Ziggy hide in the brush from the sun

Easy Climbing

We reached the first top but turned back because we were nearly out of water.  This area is very pleasant when it's cool but dreadful under these harsh conditions.  In the rainy season you will often find inviting water pools.  I'm nearly certain that there is water further North, even this time of year, but it's cut off by a dam which prevents a drip from trickling down here under the sun. 

So, we looped back and took an alternative trail to the car.  I'm going to need to revisit this area in the winter months...

$20.00 Cash Decoder Game #CD0001

Cash Decoder Game #CD0001
$20 Dollars and 20 Points up for Grabs!  If you are not already a member, please click on the Cash Cache Link for more information.  The Encrypted Clue for this game is:

Free Decoder Game #FD0001

Free Decoder Game #FD0001

5 Points up for Grabs!  If you are not already a member, please click on the Cash Cache Link for more information.  The Encrypted Clue for this game is:

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 614: San Buenaventura Park - Omer Raines Trail - Ventura Promenade - Emma Wood State Beach - Santa Clarita Skate Park & Aquatic Center

Early Saturday Morning - Marine Layer

Day #614 * Hike #723 * Duplicate Track
Saturday July 21, 2012
San Buenaventura Park - Ventura Promenade
  - Ventura, CA
Omer Rains Trail - Emma Wood State Beach
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 8.25 Miles * +50 Feet

I wasn't expecting to run 8 miles this morning!  I've already hiked along the Ventura Promenade in my 1000 Hike tail, but here we go...
From the 101 Freeway in Ventura, exit on Seaward and head over to Harbor Blvd.  Drive just past the In & Out Burger.  Turn left on San Pedro Street and park wherever you can for free on the street.  This beats the senseless paid parking at the park.  The trail and mileage counter begins at the sidewalk.  Begin to run to the Northwest with the Ocean on your left.

Since I could never locate the 1-mile marker, my mileage count begins at 2 miles.  I ran with Jess while Ayden road his bike.  Jess took an early lead but I closed the gap when a group of college runners swiftly passed me.  I drafted off them and surpassed my wife.  She was cracking up when I was mimicking them but quickly I slowed up.  I was toast; wasn't feeling it but she kept going.  I even began to walk!  I reached the 2 mile marker in a blah 19.41.02. 

My feet were strained so I walked a portion of the next stretch, the Omer Rains Trail.  Crossing the Ventura River using the Main Street Bridge, my slow pace allowed me the privilege of realizing all the homeless hideouts down below.  Intertwined between all the marshy overgrowth were dozens of dirty camps and tarps. Just wow!  I completed my 3rd Mile in 12.46.38. 

Before I reached the 4th Mile Marker, Jess passed me on the other side.  I figured that she was about 5 minutes up on me.  Honestly, I felt that I could catch her.  My 4th mile clocked in 9.39.37, stellar improvement wouldn't you say?  To keep it honest, I ran to the end of the trail where it meets the street at the top of the hill.  Up & back to the 4 mile marker lasted 2.01.80; I figure it to be about a quarter mile.  I kept running strong but then I realized that the bottom of my feet were really beginning to blister.  I ended up walking a portion of the 5th mile but still clocked it in 10.18.21.  I ran and walked  until finally halting entirely to take the soles out of my shoes.  I sat down, took off my socks and walked with no support.  My 6th mile measured 18.12.81.

There was no use so I walked the final 2 miles in 37.42.14.  My 8.25 Mile time was 1:49.53.  My wife beat me by more than 30 minutes!  What a way to start the weekend...

Day #614 * Hike #724 * New Track #604
Saturday July 21, 2012
Santa Clarita Skate Park & Aquatic Center - Santa Clarita, CA
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +75 Feet

 While Ayden was warming up for diving, I trekked across the field

 Did I mention it was 95 degrees?  This bird didn't mind.

 Above the Park!

 Hey, there is a trail back here!

 Not much this way...

My feet were still killing from the run that morning so this little casual walk ended quickly.  It was an evening dive meet, the only way to hold such a meet in this heat!  Ayden performed six dives, very amazing.  The big tourney is just a month away!

Lol, Ayden has a little Girlfriend :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Home Page

On November 16, 2010 I set out to Hike 1000 Trails in 1000 Days.  I started this Free Blog to keep track of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the adventure.  I’ve made it easy for you to Search for a Hike in Your Area.  Click on the Find a Local Hike tab to discover new adventures in your backyard.  You may also enter in keywords on the Search Tab found at the top of this page to find the trails that you are looking for.

  • Hike / [hahyk] verb,
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How To Read This Blog
At the top of each blogpost you will see a Day #, Hike # and New Track #.  The Day # refers to how many days in a row I have hiked.  The Hike # refers to how many hikes I have taken since starting this adventure.  New Track # refers to how many New Locations I have trekked.  My goal is to reach 1000 different locations over a 1000 day period.  I will not miss a day, regardless of the weather or how ill I may feel.  Some days I will hike along familiar trails which I consider Duplicate Hikes.  Although these hikes count toward my Hike #, I will not be given credit for the New Track #.  Makes sense, right :)...

Hiking With for a Purpose
In March of 2011 I created the SEALtheBeach campaign to help protect the Pacific Harbor Seals in Carpinteria, California.   Though I have temporally suspended these efforts, my hope is to revisit the original plan to seek full time beach closure which will ensure year round safety at the sanctuary. 

Currently I am hiking to raise money for Pediatric Cancer.  Click the link below to learn how you can help...


Day #1000: Mt. Whitney
With the help from a buddy at work, I obtained Four Day Permits to Hike Mt. Whitney on Monday August 12, 2013.  This will be my Day #1000! 

Happy Trails,

Jeremy Jacobus
Cell: (805) 701-6123
Email: silverhonors@hotmail.com

Cash Cache Adventure!

Cash Cache Adventure!
Do you need an excuse to take a Hike?  I’m hiding checks in caches all across the wilderness in Southern California!  The checks will be payable to CASH so if you find them, the Money is Yours!  If you don’t live in Cali but you want to play along, No Problem.  Play the Decoding Game to solve the puzzle!
The Hunter
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The Decoder
The Decoder can play from anywhere in the World!  The first Decoder to successfully unravel the mystery will win the Cash Prize!  You will receive your award via PayPal or by Check in the mail.  If you are not the first Decoder to crack the case, you will still receive 20 Points for your efforts.

Free Play
If you are interested but hesitant, try our Free Play version of the game.  Free Caches will be hidden containing Buzz Words or Clues.  The first person who discovers the cache or solves the online code will receive 5 Points.  Runner ups will receive a token point.  Cash Hunters and Decoders may also participate in these adventures.

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To enter the arena please complete the form below.  You may choose the Free Play option or for a onetime fee of $10.00, you will be given unlimited cache plays for an entire calendar year.  Caches will never be hidden on private property nor will they be concealed in hazardous locations.  Once your entry is confirmed you will receive an email containing the corresponding code(s) for you adventures.

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  6. Hike Man ----------------------     1 Point
  7. Sort This Out ----------------     0 Points
  8. Big Dog ------------------------     0 Points
  9. Quite A Sensation ----------     0 Points
  10. Bizzneth -----------------------     0 Points
  11. cowfolkjen --------------------     0 Points
  12. Just Jason ---------------------    0 Points
  13. HIKE VTA ---------------------      0 Points

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 613: The Nothing Loop - Happy Valley - Santa Rosa - Hill Canyon

Happy Valley from the Nothing Trail - Camarillo?

Day #613 * Hike #722 * New Track #603
Friday July 20, 2012
The Nothing Loop - Camarillo, CA
Happy Valley - Santa Rosa Park - Hill Canyon
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 3 Miles * +700 Feet


From the 101 Freeway in Camarillo, exit the 101 at Santa Rosa and head east.  About 5 or so miles out, look for Hill Canyon Road.  It's a quick turnoff to the right marked by a sign.  About a half mile back you will pass Santa Rosa Park.  Continue another mile down the road and begin on the right where you see this gate.  There is a spot for car parking just before the gate.

A glance back over the road before we begin

I hiked the ridge in the picture above on Day 247: Santa Rosa Community Park - Lizard Rock.  This is the back way into Wildwood Park, from Camarillo.  Until now, this is the first time that I have trekked in from this side before.  I'm not sure what has taken me so long to get back here?!  Last time I parked at the park but where I parked today makes the most sense for what I'm about to do.  My goal is to reach the backside of Happy Valley and until now, I've always gone in from the Rancho Conejo Open Space.  Let me tell you, hiking in from Camarillo is WAYYYY EASIER!

 Easy river crossing - take the dam bridge :)

 Continue straight

Skip to the *** to continue forward with this trail, or read my excitement below...

By now, I know this area SO WELL!  It took getting lost a couple of times to say this with confidence.  Once you cross the river there will be an option to the right.  If you take that, it will lead you back to Santa Rosa Park.  I see that they built a new people walking bridge near the park so this trail would make for a nice viable alternative versus what I'm about to do.

Anyhow, stay straight and you will soon come to a crossing.  The path to the right will eventually meet up with the one along the river and will take you to the park.  The route to the left will lead you to Hill Canyon Water Treatment facility, but it's not that easy.  You have to look to the right and follow the trail up to the main road which descends from Rancho Conejo Road.  Then when you are at the main dirt road, turn left and this will lead you to the hidden ponds back there.

About ten feet after the intersection on the trail that we are hiking today, there will be another trail option to the left.  See how this can get confusing?  The trail leads you through the canyon toward the 400 Year Old Oak Tree and abandoned car.  This area really is amazing!

*** Basically, from the parking, cross the river and go straight.  Keep going straight and begin climbing the hill...

 Looking back at Hill Canyon Water Treatment

 The green trees lead to the hidden 400 Year Old Oak and Abandoned Car

 Trailheads to the right!

After climbing the hill, maybe a half mile from the trailhead, you will notice these two options on the right. My goal today was to head up this hill away from Happy Valley.  Here's the problem.  I first saw this vague trail on the right before realizing the marked trail on the left side of this picture.  I actually took this pic on my way back down.  Anyhow, I began my pursuit to the right up and through the field.  The tractor impressions make it easy to follow...

 Up to the top, it becomes steep and it's hot!

I thought the trail would take me up and to the right but it took me up and to the left.  It then joins a more obvious trail...

 Neat, higher than Newbury Park and I started in Camarillo

 Overlooking Santa Rosa

 This is Happy Valley - Please dont develop this!

 Mount Conejo in the distance

My goal is to Hike Mt. Conejo but the "Nothing Trail Loop" that I was on began to head lower.  It did reach a fork which appears to head to the Conejo Peak but I will save that one for my next visit.

The Nothing Loop Connector

Nearly at the bottom, I came down from the left and see the proper way up to the right.  This is a neat little loop but it goes no where, really.  However, I did discover this trail today and I will be back to take the easier way up in hopes to reach the top of Mt. Conejo.  For now, it's a mad dash back down and to the bike.  Thanks for playing...

Quick Rewind: Day 612 (Thursday) Arroyo Verde.  **I just discovered a way to make my backyard more interesting.  I will share next time I do it...



Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer


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