Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 521: Climbing Whiteface - Simi Dog Park - Big Sky Park

Climbing Whiteface!

Day #521 * Hike #599 * New Track #524
Thursday April 19, 2012
Whiteface - Simi Valley, CA
Big Sky Park - Simi Dog Park
My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +850 Feet

Warning: Should only be attempted by the fittest in a sober state.  No kids, No Dogs -- No Chances!  I found a short video on You Tube.  I don't know these guys but check it out:

 Oops, the trailhead is by the water tank...

From the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, exit on Erringer and drive North.  Follow Erringer to the end and turn right on Lost Canyons Drive.  Follow the brown signs for the Simi Dog Park.  Turn left into the drive and follow it all the way up to the upper parking lot.

 Picture taken from the wrong trail

There is no actual trailhead sign so I guessed.  I recalled reading up on it that the trail begins at the back of the dog park.  I found a picnic bench and a I guess a path so I started climbing.  I past some bees and then realized that I was doing it wrong.  You will notice a more noticeable entrance by the water tank.

 Very narrow and steep trail

 Legs Muscles and Upper Body Strength

 Looking down on the first leg

Views of the Simi Dog Park
You can see where I tried starting from - Wrong

 Ah, Whiteface in sight...

 It can be tricky, Don't Slip!



 OMG!  Made it to the top!

I usually don't rest on my hikes but today I had to.  The temperature was about 80 but in the summertime it can easily climb to 100 here.  Good thing I wasn't drinking, but I did go through all 20 ounces of my water.

 Looking back on the climb!

 First Snake of the Season!

Good thing I was walking slowly on the mild uphill recovering from the torment.  I was amazed by the views looking around.  This snake Hissed at me very diligently!  I hadn't seen him at first but when I did I yelled, "what are we going to do here!"  Finally he moved out of the way.  The trail split left but I took the main route higher...

 Almost there!

 Amazing Green Forever!

 A hidden lake below - I'm gonna have to hike there sometime

 The Peak!

 The Road to Tapo

History.  Click the following link to learn more about this area: simitrailblazers - NORIEGA TRAIL
 Great, now I have to go back!

 Going down was easier than I thought - I slid most of the way!

Rest In Peace...

There were a couple of memorials and I researched Whiteface and discovered a girl died here just a couple years ago.  They called it a suicide but can't be so sure.  Review the links below for her sad story:



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