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Everyday hundreds of people find themselves on  Some are looking for their next hike while others stumble upon us from a random Google search.    HikeStalker offers a unique way for small business owners to capture a selected audience.  Keeping your reader in mind, if you own a cafe, this site may be perfect for you.  Our hikers sure do get hungry after a long walkabout, and since we don't poster up our pages like a minor league outfield wall, your ad will appear desirable and concentrated on the page(s) that make the most sense.

Hi, I am Jeremy Jacobus and I am the HikeStalker.  I've appeared on several TV shows, I Hiked 1000 Trails in 1000 Days,  I'm in the process of hiking the 50 highest points in all 50 states, I'm visiting all 28 towns of Cleveland in the United States, I'm continuing to grow my 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks concept ( I actually lost 93 pounds at one point), and the list goes on and it all happens right here.

I'll be selective with my acceptance of advertisers just as I am with what photos and content I display with every post.  I won't solicit your guns but I will share why your backpack or hammock is the best, if in fact it is.  So, while I am out there stalking for hikes, I hope you will be stalking my pages and leave our viewers something interesting.  Other than this ad for less concept, I am not monetizing this site in any other fashion.

Contact Jeremy:
805.701.6123        *

Current Ad Packages

  • Diaper Ad ($5.00 per Month):  One ad on any selected post, such as the Flux Credit ad seen at the bottom of this page.
  • Diaper Plus Ad ($10.00 per Month): Same as the Diaper Ad but your ad will appear at the top of the post, which will also be shared on my Facebook Page.
  • Lazy Ad ($15.00 per Month): Same as the Diaper Plus Ad and you'll also receive one Instagram Post, which will remain on my wall as long as you keep this subscription or upgrade.
  • Lazy Plus Ad ($20.00 per Month): Same as the Lazy Ad but you'll also receive a shared re-post of your ad each month on Facebook.
  • Climb Ad ($30.00 per Month): Same as Lazy Plus Ad but we'll write you a second ad in a standalone post, publish it and share on Facebook and then permanently link the ad within the State you are in and slot it directly before the hike post where your ad is located.
  • Climb Plus Ad ($35.00 per Month): Same as Climb Ad but you can choose two more Diaper ads.
  • HikeStalker Ad (50.00 per Month):  Same as Climb Plus Ad but we'll place your ad at the bottom of layout, where it will be seen with All Page Views.
  • HikeStalker Plus Ad (75.00 per Month): Same as HikeStalker Ad but you'll receive a 2nd All Page View placement in the side column.
  • HikeStalker Supreme Ad (100.00 per Month): Same as HikeStalker Plus Ad but you'll receive priority placement in the side column, priority on all other ads where no other ads can be displayed on those posts and we'll provide you with a new post on Instagram every quarter.

*All rates are guaranteed for one year from time of signup.  You may cancel at anytime without penalty.  I'll work with you on the design and layout of your ads.  We'll link them to your website and may get creative on Instagram.

Advertising Packages

*Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email confirmation.  You will then receive a 2nd email within 48 hours to discuss and publish your program.  You may proactively email your artwork to:


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  2. It is really thrilling to know about your experience. 1000 hikes in 1000 days, this story is really inspirational. Are you accepting guest posts?




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