Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fat to Fatter to Fit: 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks

-How a Realty TV Show saved me life!

With Cindy Angulo, owner of FlexEx Solutions
Thank you Cindy for the Aha Belt.  I feel lighter already and confident that my workout motions will be on point.  Perhaps I can turn this keg into a 6-pack!

The Journey Begins!
My New Years resolution was to lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks.  I went into this challenge all nonchalantly - taking it like a joke, as if losing weight would be easy.  However, at age 41, the task became too hard for me to conquer on my own...

At first I would do one simple workout a week and then mock it by having a beer afterwards.  I was still able to drop a pound from doing so, but after about a month or so I fell off pace.  I wasn't too worried at this point; I feel behind on my 1000 Hikes, discovering new trails - yet in the end, I did Hike 1000 Different Trails in 1000 Days without ever missing a day of hiking!  With this confidence, falling behind my weight goal in the first few months was no big deal, until...

Reality hit when I actually weighed more than my starting weight on January 1st.  How could this be?!  --Suckered back into my cubical for the long work days in conjunction with over eating, being tired -- and just being darn lazy; I basically gave up, until...

My wife is a Personal Trainer but at this stage in life, I cannot hang with her whatsoever, so why even try?  Fortunately, she landed a gig on a TV Show and I will be her client to train!  So here we go; over the next 8 months, I have to lose this weight!  I need to do this for me, my family, my future grand kids - For Life!  I'm tired of being the overweight nuisance to society.  Now that the cameras are rolling, I can't let America down!  I know, it shouldn't be because of TV, but now that the lights are on; It's On!

***I cannot go into details, at this time, about what the show is called or what the exact circumstances are.  However, with this hiking blog, I will help boost my motivation and continue sharing awesome hiking adventures!  For me, hiking is a pure passion.  At this weight, hiking is truly a struggle and unenjoyable.  I suspect that by the time the show airs in the Spring of 2017; I'll be on Cloud 9!  We'll be in up to 10 episodes; so get Ready -Set-Go!

Take That!
As I go through this transformation, I will not be sharing any photos of myself.  I have already begun and down some weight.  Ha - Look how high I got off the ground!  What is this, a 6 inch vertical?!  I'm laughing at myself but also very concerned.  I can't really run (jog) more than a quarter mile.  I fell into obese mode where I need to be in Beast Mode!  I'm not the same guy I was, but - let's see what happens...
Feeling the Pain!

Ice Sleeve - What a Relief!
I've always been prone to injuries, calf pulls, sprained ankles and various annoying pains.  To my knowledge, I have never broken anything but I believe I have some tears.  I am a stubborn old oaf and I refuse to see the Doctor about things.  It's an obvious no-brainer to warm up the blood flow pre-workout and ice off the swelling thereafter.  With Ice Sleeve, I can now do that very easily.  I can even walk around and work out with it on.

My real goal is to Climb to the 50 Highest Peaks in the 50 States.  I have already taken out Whitney and 5 others.  Many of these climbs are technically easy while others, especially McKinley, will be a struggle if not deadly!  For me, I just wish to enjoy my time on these hikes, to take it all in and share with the world!  Losing weight and getting in shape will make this task possible!

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