Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 616: The Loop Beyond the Los Robles Trail - Los Padres Trail - Hillsborough Trailhead

Day #616 * Hike #727 * New Track #606
Monday July 23, 2012
The Loop Beyond the Los Robles Trail - Thousand Oaks, CA
Los Padres Trail - Hillsborough Trailhead
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +850 Feet


From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Moorpark.  Head to the west towards the Santa Monica Mountains.  About a quarter mile up, turn left on Los Padres.  Head up the hill and then turn right on Hillsborough.  Park at the cul-de-sac.  The trailhead will be on your right.

Trail Junction, keep left up the dirt road 

The last time I trekked this way was on Day 16: Los Padres Trail.  This is a cool shaded trail which you can catch off Los Padres Road.  From this junction, I follow the short ten minute track up the hill.

 Spotted a large lizard in the rocks

 No Trespassing?

At the top of the hill you have several options.  On Day 16 I went left and climbed to the top of the radio tower.  Pretty cool views up there.  To the right, you will reach Day 24: Moorpark Trailhead.  So, today I decided to hike over the fence to see what's out there...

 Across the first field, I took a left

 The trail wraps around a second field...

 Eventually, you will reach a ranch

 I turned back and went left at the fork (came from the right)

 Bonus!  After climbing a hill, the trail lowers to a hidden pond!!!

 I continued straight - elevation gain!

 Overlooking Thousand Oaks Mall!

 Found a way back to the Los Robles Trail

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