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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 744: Highest Peak in Georgia - Brasstown Bald - Chattahoochee National Forest

Brasstown Bald - 4784 Feet (Highest Peak in Georgia)

Day #744 * Hike #905 * New Track #712
Thursday November 29, 2012
Brasstown Bald - Chattahoochee National Forest

Highest Peak in Georgia
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +625 Feet

 Follow the 17 & 75 Highway North to the 160 West

 Park your car and climb to the top

 0.6 miles to the peak - easy switch backs to the top

 Cross the Wagon Train Road

 Continue higher...

 Cool, the center up here is open and free...

 Walk on up...

I believe there may be a fee in the more popular tourism months and/or weekends.  There is a road which also leads up here and signs indicate that you can board a tram to the peak.  For me, I ran up the first quarter mile and then strong paced myself to the top.  The wife and kids remained in the car while I conquered this feat...


 To the East...

We made it just in time to beat the sundown.  If I would have remained up here for another 15 minutes, I could have grabbed some awesome photos.  However, we still had a ways to go to reach our next overnight destination so I ran back to the car in under 5 minutes...

 An Orange Moon...

Driving into South Carolina...

On this 11 day vacation I climbed to the highest peaks in all four states that we visited.  Brasstown Bald was the nicest spot to visit of all these southeastern states.  Tomorrow I will climb the highest peak in South Carolina....

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