Thursday, October 27, 2011

Injuries & Soccer Videos

Where have I been recently???  --Working longer hours and dealing with this:
I haven't had one of these in years, cool...
Not really cool.  What a bummer!  I heard the blood vessels popping as I wash crashing to the ground!  My hiking has turned into a dissapointing walk through parks.  At least I am still finding new places to go but I haven't taken many pictures, nor have I had time to update this blog.  Alyssa is working double duty in her young soccer carreer and I decided to edit her videos each night instead of writng on here.  Finally, I am done with her most recent video and I'm publishing it to YouTube as I write this.  Once its done, you can follow the link below:

Day 331: Tuesday October 11, 2011
5 Mile Run at Pacifica High school in Oxnard

I ran this in 51.28.49.  This was my last ran before the ankle buster.  In fact, the time is still on my stop watch.  I ran this right after I contracted Poison Oak, but of course at the time I hadn't a clue that I had it.  The last few weeks have been miserable!

Day 333: Thursday October 13, 2011
Conejo Creek & Waverly Park
Thousand Oaks, CA
2.5 Miles +50 Feet

Day 334: Friday October 14, 2011
Flore Playfield
Thousand Oaks, CA
1.25 Miles +25 Feet

Day 335: Saturday October 15, 2011
Freedom Park
Camarillo, CA
1.5 Miles +25 Feet

Day 336: Sunday October 16, 2011
Johnson Creek Park & Carly Park
South Oxnard, CA
2.5 Miles +25 Feet
--Just as I began seeing improvement from the Poison Oak, I snapped my ankle on this day.  I was playing soccer with kids after the Browns lost to the Raiders at my In-Law's house.  Maybe I had too many beers or maybe I cut too hard.  EIther way, I was in too much agony to do much of anything after that.  Good thing we hit up a couple of parks before it happened!  As I sit here nearly two weeks later, my poison oak is gone but my ankle is still throbing.  Still waiting for that video to finish as my dogs are barking.  By the way, Domino is doing, well, swell.  She's on steroids and still kicking it!

Day 342: Saturday October 22, 2011
Eastside Community Park: Yorba Linda, CA
Malibu High  School: Malibu, CA
3.25 Miles +75 Feet

I came all the way to Yorba Linda for this???

Day 343: Sunday October 23, 2011

Ventura, CA
1.25 Miles +25 Feet
McGrath Pumpkin Patch

***Video is ready and I am tired.  I will update more sometime...  Nearly a year into this and considering throwing in the towel, but not quite yet.  The challenge will be more difficult after Day Lights Saving Time hits next week!
What is this???  It's been on my leg for months!!!

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  1. That's a pretty serious-looking sprain. Major swelling, that's for sure. That, and the black and blue below--I've only had THAT happen a few times (with the black and blue). Then again, I sort of figured out about twenty years ago that if I'm going to be doing any serious walking or playing, I NEED to wear footwear with ankle support. Otherwise, I twisted it practically every time on the court.

    The other stuff on your legs look like you've been bitten by a bug or insect and are having some sort of allergic reaction to it. It looks too big to be one large bug's mandible, so it's probably actually two separate bites (or two separate puncture woulds from a plant with thorns). Probably got something foreign stuck in there that's keeping it from healing. Might want to have a doctor take a look at it if it doesn't heal after a reasonable period.




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