Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 376: La Jolla City to the Sea & Harbor Seals!

Day: 376  Hike: 408/393
Friday November 25, 2011

 La Jolla Cove (Harbor Seal Haven)

Where: La Jolla (San Diego, California)
My Tripometer: 4.5 miles +150 feet
Description: This is a great spot to bring your kids but people of all ages will enjoy this unique town.  I had personal interest because of the Seals and was amazed that they shared the area so well with all the people.  You can litterally park your car and overlook the seals and then spend hours shopping through the streets.
Directions: From the 5 Freeway in San Diego, exit Route 52 West and take that to the end.  Stay straight on La Jolla Pkwy and then merge left on Torrey Pines Road.  Turn right on Prospect and then right on Coast Blvd.  This is a busy area so good luck parking.  We got lucky :)

 **You can walk on the beach with them

**Not so fast.  You may not approach them.  The seals are still very skiddish and if they feel threatened they will leave the area.  Only a few people walked across the back sand and when they did, the Seal Watch people whispered a yelling chant in their megaphone that its a violation of federal law if you provoke the seals.  They do have signs stating that you can walk on the beach but they do forewarn you.  --It's unbelievable that it has to be a debate!  The good news years, there is full time beach front closure.  The bad news is, there is heavy foot traffic in the area so I can only imagive how many times the seals are startled during pupping season.  --Final thought, if Carpenteria had full time beach closure, La Jolla represents enough evidence to suggest that some seals would stay year round. 

 A pup?! -Proof that the beach closure in Carp isn't 100% precise

 Next cove over; you are free to swim here!

 At low tide, make your way into the cave

 Looks like this seal wants to play

 Just hanging out in plain sight

 You can walk along the coast for miles, awesome rocky formations

 Jess and I -- Damn, I'm getting old but my wife is still hot!:)

 Ayden discovered the butterfly

Found a Hat Store...

***So, I'm still hiking every day.  I spent the holiday weekend down in San Diego, obviously.  Earlier that day I "hiked" at Hickman Fields where Alyssa was on a secret mission.  No, that's cousin Kaitlyn in the picture above.  Sissy was with her father hanging out at the hotel pool while we were at La Jolla. 

The Hickman hike will be represented like so:

Day: 376  Hike: 407/392
Friday November 25, 2011

So basically, everytime I "hike" it will be notated with the first number (397).  The second number represents how many different locations that I have hiked at.  Recently, I've been hiking or walking Sammi at Arroyo Verde Park, in the near dark.  This counts as a hike but not a new location.  Because I commonly hike in multiple locations in the same day, especially on vacations, I believe that I will have well more than 1000 hikes in more than 1000 locations over the 1000 day period.  I can live with that!  **I'm not going to pollute this blog with duplicate hikes, but I will keep track of them on a ledger, just in case Guinness is interested :)  I still have about 5 more hikes to update from this trip, and I have our 10 day New Zealand trip coming up in just 5 days!!!  OMG, not even close to prepared for this!  It's month end at work and the Amazing Race deadline is Wednesday.  We figure on submitting an entry video at the last minute.  Well, stay tuned and next time you go to San Diego, stop by La Jolla! 

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