Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 377: Torrey Pines - Guy Fleming Trail

Day: 377  Hike: 410/395
Saturday November 26, 2011

Where: Torrey Pines (San Diego, California)
My Tripometer: 3.0 miles +250 feet
Description: The rare Torrey Pine Trees are located just north of San Diego.  You can walk along the beach and/or hike the easy Guy Fleming Trail.  Suitable for all ages!
Directions: From the 5 Freeway in San Diego head North and take exit 29 and turn left on Genesee Ave.  Stay straight and head North on Torrey Pines Road.  The street will eventually lower towards the ocean and you will see Torrey Pines State Park on your left.  It may not be possible to turn left there so we went all the way up and flipped back.  We found a spot along the road and saved $10 bucks for parking.  If you are going to hike the Guy Fleming Trail, you'll need to climb about 100 feet from the beach to reach the trail head.  Just follow the flow of people... 

Walking the streets in La Jolla, continued from Day 376 Hike 408/393
Stopped for some coffee on La Jolla Pkwy en route to the next hike...
Day: 376  Hike: 409/394
Friday November 25, 2011
Mission Beach Area

We hiked an additional 1.5 miles with virtually 0 elevation gain that Friday.  This was after a long day at La Jolla and before our night visit to Hickman Fields.  This is an area worth checking out.  Sort of reminds me of Venice Beach with the Promenade but without all the chaos and shops.  Ok, so it's nothing like Venice :)

Basically over this 2 day period we covered the San Diego coast from Bellmont Park to Torrey Pines.  It's amazing how much the coast line changes over this 15 mile spread...

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