Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 705: Wene'mu Park - Roma-Jean 4-H Wetland Path at Ormond Pointe - Ormand Beach Wildlife Pond

The Lorain-Carnegie Bridge

Day #705 * Hike #853 * New Track #686
Sunday October 21, 2012
Wene'mu Park - Port Hueneme, CA
Roma-Jean 4-H Wetland Path at Ormond Pointe
Ormand Beach Wildlife Pond
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 4 Miles * +25 Feet
If you are interested in a little Cleveland History, one of my Great, Great, Great Uncles helped architect the design of the Detroit-Superior Bridge in Downtown Cleveland.  I found a quick link up for the Loraine-Carnegie:
 Wene'mu Park = Trailhead

On the corner of Pelican Pointe Ct. and Port Hueneme Road in Port Hueneme, California.

Ayden and I went to B-Dubs (BW3) --- Buffalo Wild Wings, for those who don't know!  It was the Browns versus the Colts.  Browns Lost! --  So, best way to work off the 5 beers is to take your son down to the Frozen Yogurt Shop!

Chill Out Frozen Yogurt - oops, not opened yet.  I forget why exactly I went there, but about a quarter mile down the street we found this park.  It just so happened that our bikes were in the car so I talked Ayden into a bike ride / hike...

 I can make a hike out of anything...

We had to ditch the bikes to check this out.  Along the narrow walkway, Ayden found two marbles.  Cool...  We reached the railroad tracks, walked around a little and then hiked back...

 Interesting Architecture...

 Ormond Beach

If you drive down Perkins to the very end, you will reach Ormond Beach.  I hiked back here on Day 316: Ormond Beach.  I don't recall seeing this Roma -Jean area then?  Of course, this photo is taken from Perkins Road before reaching the end by the parking lot.  In addition, there is a fence around it so I guess this isn't really open to the public yet, but...

Looking out over the Ocean and Hueneme Pier

Duplicating a previous hike, but...

Found the Ormond Beach Wildlife Pond

Ditch the bikes, walk along the back fence...

No, not that way...

This way...

An Interpretive Trail area

 The end of the Ormond Beach area...

There is no way to reach the Hueneme Pier or Beach from Ormond, unless you go all the way back up Perkins.  I was hoping to find a coastal alternative but crossing the river without getting wet is impossible.  Hmm, maybe we could have pedaled the bikes across...

This was a fun day.  We rode around some more, hiked, etc...  Easy going day...

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