Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 733: Fashion District - Santee Alley - Million Dollar Theater - Grand Central Market - Toy District - Jewelery District - Old Bank District - Historic Core District - Gallery Row

Welcome to Los Angeles

Day #733 * Hike #888 * New Track #704
Sunday November 18, 2012
Fashion District - Santee Alley - Los Angeles, CA

Million Dollar Theater - Grand Central Market
Toy District - Jewlrey District - Old Bank District
Historic Core District - Gallery Row
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 4.5 Miles * +50 Feet

 Get Ready for a long day of walking the streets of LA

Well, it's actually quite difficult.  For this hike, you can pick any parking lot in the area.  It's located to the southeast of the 101 and 110 Freeway interchange.  This was my first time down here and it was crazy.  As a point of reference, you can google map:

Million Dollar Theater
307 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 

 Grand Central Market

We parked off 4th Street, right near the market.  We grabbed some Chinese food and paid 25 cents to use the restroom.  This was truly an interesting place to visit.  Good deals on fruit; wonder if they come from Oxnard?

 Alyssa gave a homeless man some food

 Entering the Toy District

 Jess dodges the paparazzi

 Where are we now?

 ...Still in the Toy District

There were many cheap shops out here.  Pretty much, everything is junk but we found a few souvenirs for the kids, and a Cleveland Browns plastic Chinese player in a helmet for me.  :)

 Los Angeles

 The Fashion District

 Big Bras on Santee Alley

Three Hours Later, back to the car...

My pictures don't really captivate the experience we had.  There are street vendors selling hot dogs, herds of people lining up in stores to claim their $20 blankets, chaos everywhere and a broad range of ethnicity's.  Overall, the District area was a complete surprise to me and it's a must visit.  Bring cash, buy something strange and call it a hike, because your feet will be sore if you hike the entire area like we did!

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