Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 924: Zuma Canyon Trail - Bonsall Trailhead

Zuma Canyon - Bonsall Trailhead

Day #924 * Hike #1168 * New Track #910
Zuma Canyon Trail - Bonsall Trailhead - Malibu, CA
Wednesday May 29, 2013
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +175 Feet

 Zuma Canyon Trailhead

From the PCH just north of Kanana, turn right up Bonsall Road.  Take this a few miles to the end and park in the dirt lot.  The Zuma Canyon Trail begins at the end of the parking area...

 Continue straight on the Zuma Canyon Trail

 Bypassing the Ocean View Trail...

 ...and the lizards...

 The Ocean View Trail can be looped back to the Canyon View Trail

 Still going straight, very slight uphill...

This is a very simple trail.  You'll pass the Scenic Trail, twice as it loops and then pass the loop of the Zuma Loop Trail.  I figure that I will revisit this area once or twice to complete the loops separately from the Busch Trailhead or as one in a figure 8.  As for now, pass all of it and follow the trail to the canyon end...

 Nearing the end of the known trail...

 Into the dry creek

 off trail, climbing the rocks...

 passing some water spots...

 end of the canyon indeed...

 on the way back, looped on the scenic view

The scenic view trail really has no views?  Other than this little mild climb, it branches off the main trail by no more than 100 feet and then loops back.  Kinda pointless unless there was some sort of a flood down here and then maybe you will narrowly miss the raging waters?

Dude, I was tripping today.  Feeling eerie, sick, sinuses, something strange?  I thought all the lizards were snakes.  All alone in here - cloudy vision - I would have jogged this easy route but I was barely feeling well enough to hike.  That said, glad I did it, as strange as it was...

Back to the Bonsall Trailhead...

**Day 923: Duplicate at Arroyo Verde.  Feeling ill, I just walked around (maybe too much sun from the prior day - or was I coming down with something?

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