Thursday, January 6, 2011



Miles: 1.25
Elevation Gain:  325 Feet
Time: 45 Minutes
Difficulty (1-10): 1
Reward (1-10): 1
Description: What's on top of the hill?
Where?: Thousand Oaks, CA
Directions: Undisclosed
**MY 53 DAY SUMMARY:  188.75 Miles  +28,950 Feet**

Almost to Everest!  The highest point on Earth is 29,035 feet (highest estimate).  I fell just short of that today.  I've been working at this same job for nearly six years now.  I've always noticed the hill but never climbed it.  Well, today was the day!  The reason why was because I was tired.  You hear that, tired and I climb 300 feet with a tie on!  I got no sleep last night due to some personally issues, but I think those are resolved now so I should sleep like a baby tonight.  Thus, I chose the closest, easiest hike I could find today.
From my parking lot, it was anything but easy.  I followed a concrete drainage trail until I found a good clearing that went up at a 45% incline.  When I got to the top, it was a football field.  Well, not really, but completely flat and open with nothing but a matress in the middle?  I suppose some local kids hike up here and gaze at the stars at night.  I explored the top and then trekked across to the opposit side.  I found a clear grassy type road leading me down.  I took that route and ended up on the street that I come up driving to work.  I always noticed that grassy hill and tree, and now I have a picture of me wearing a tie in front of it.  I will post it on Facebook, when I get a chance.
Decision time: LA Marathon out; Agoura half-marathon in!  I'm not certain of the date, but hopefully it does not interfere with my planned vacation to Hawaii :)  From April 12-18, Jess and I will be in Hawaii.  We were on the Newlywed Game last year and WON!  I posted an edited video link on Facebook if you are interested in watching the game.  It was actually quite dramatic, a fourth quarter comeback if you will!
So, now that I have an easy 13 mile run in sight, I suppose I should start training for it.  I'm going to continue the hikes, for sure, but I will need to mix in some flatter, longer, nonstop runs.  I did this last year but this time I'm not going to get insane with it.  I think hiking everyday already takes care of my insanity.  My goal will be to complete the event in under 2 hours.  Basically, if I can run 9 minute flat miles, I'm golden.  Problem is, I don't think I can run one mile in under 9 minutes right now.  --I'll wrap my head around it and figure it out.  Stay posted, I ain't goin nowhere...

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