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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 838: Arroyo Pescadero Trail - Arroyo San Miguel Trail - Puente Hills

A Beautiful Smoggy Day in Southern California

Day #838 * Hike #1044 * New Track #821
Arroyo Pescadero Trail - Whittier, California
Arroyo San Miguel Trail - Puente Hills
Sunday March 3, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +125 Feet


Location: 7531 South Colima Road, Whittier

After our Disney and Fullerton experience, we began heading back home.  As we passed into LA County, we detoured to this trailhead...

After climbing the hill, I believe we turned right and jogged down the easy trail...

The road surface becomes the Arroyo San Miguel Trail and if you turn off to the left, you can loop the Arroyo Pecadero Trail...

 Decisions...  We turn left...

Nice Views

Overlooking the loop trail

This trail appeared easy and short for the most part yet we did not complete it.  We started down and then turned back before reaching the deer loop trail.  A bit of a disappointment but not really.  It doesn't look like there was too much going on down here like running water or what not.  Pretty much just a nice little hike for the locals and I happened to step foot on part of it.

I found some other online sites which describe this location better...


  1. Busy day of visiting nearly all of the trailheads in the Puente Hills. Of course, I've hiked them all, myself. Write-ups of them scattered over about three years of hiking.

    Here's something I saw at the Sycamore Canyon trailhead.

    And more of them on the Coyote Trail, near the top of Seventh Avenue in Hacienda Heights.

    Some summer, the rattlesnakes come out in force.

  2. Cool Pics! Encountering Wildlife enhances your view of any area.

    --I'm in my final pursuit to tackle Whitney on Day #1000. So, no matter where I go, I will be hiking, hiking, hiking...



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