Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 838: Downtown Whittier - Greenleaf Ave.

Jess is bamboozled by Whittier's Frozen Yogurt
Day #838 * Hike #1047* New Track #824
Downtown Whittier, California
Greenleaf Avenue
Sunday March 3, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +0 Feet
 The old faded turquoise movie theater

Hey, Downtown Ventura sports this color for their Library so I get it.  This is an old fashion town which is in desperate need of a makeover...

 Whittier's landmark tops the hill at the end of Greenleaf

 Frozen Yogurt next to movie theater

Whereas our Chill Out Frozen Yogurt is simple and cool, this FroYo place was dirty, busy (with sign, not people), small, confusing topping bar .. where there any toppings?  The Fro Yo was icky, we sampled but did not buy.  We always buy Fro Yo so you know this place was no good.  It had so much going on in there.  I don't get it!

We need to bring Chill Out to town to show Whittier how it's done!

We were considering watching a movie here.  With the old theater and small town feel, it would have made sense for this to be a $3.00 theater.  However, $10.00 for a ticket, here, in an old nasty movie hall.  Nah....  So we drove home from here.  We stopped at Toys R Us, next to the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens.  OMG, that place was so dirty!  How could anyone live down there like that.  Yikes!
I'm so happy to live in Ventura County.  Best Place on Earth.  Sammi, Ziggy, Domi; we're coming home...

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