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 GAME #2102:

Day 164: Thursday April 28, 2011

Target: The Bridge.  When I began my hike this day, I wasn't sure exactly where I was going to end up.  Thus, I did not take a picture of the bridge from a distance.   However, searching my blog I found one: Day 69: Pic of Bridge

**The treasure is not hidden at the bridge, please follow the blog.  Since I started up top, I did not snap a shot of the trailhead you should use.  There are a couple of different ways that you could enter the trail; my suggestion is to begin near the back of the park where I hiked on DAY 163

If you start from here stay on the main trail the entire time.  Do not veer off.  About 3/8ths of a mile in you will reach a right turn, take it!  You'll want to do this anyway because if you keep going straight, it will lead you up a gnarly incline (The upper Northwest Loop Trail).

You will immediately pass another trail that loops back to the right.  Follow the main trail forward and you will begin to increase elevation.  After you round a turn, look for a split off to the right, as seen in the picture below:
 Begin your climb here to the left

 Looking back down, comeon Sammi

 After the first 20 feet, the path is suitable for anyone

 Look for this bush on the left (about 2/3rds of the way up)

On the back side of the push you should find the Seal Treasure.  Open the clue here, read it and please secure it back in the bottle and leave it for the next challenger.

Well, you came this far, may as well go all the way:

 Looking back at the Treasure Bush and the hill we climbed!

 Sammi made it up first.  Turn left to the bridge

Follow the fence line for about 50 feet and you will run into the bridge.  If you brought your lunch, this would be a good place to kick back and enjoy the views.  If it's not hazy, the Islands are magnificent from here.  Once you are done, you can explore further, hike to the radio stations or turn back.  You will need to overlap the private property if you proceed further.  **When Sammi and I hiked back, we followed the fence line further and found a much easier way down to another portion of the trail:

 It's a little steep, but it's short

 Down to the real trail

About 10 feet over is a longer and sandier trail that leads back up.  Alyssa and I took this last month.  We called it the Sand Slides.  Slide down on one foot or your butt; pretty cool.

Back to the neighborhood.  The Islands are climbing out of the clouds.  Awesome!

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