Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Trees & Beyond

*Game #3130: SEALtheBeach.com

Day 160: Saturday April 23, 2011

Twas the night before Easter... Alyssa's first successful visit to Two Trees; third visit for Ayden and I.  Two Trees is becoming part of the holiday spirit.  My last visit:  DAY 11: TWO TREES.

 Two Trees (From the Northern Backcountry)

The visibility was a bit hazy otherwise this picture would have captured the Islands.  We hiked from Hiltop, same trailhead from Day 11.  Over a two-our time frame, we hiked about 2.5 miles, +/-500 feet and ate lunch.  There were many people up here today, including a father with his 3-year-old.

 (From the Hilltop Trailhead)

 New barbwire; can you limbo?

 Literally, through the fence...

 Dodging the cow poo, no cows on the trail today

 The hills are steep; ahh, water the refreshment of choice

 Fuzzy views of Ventura today

 Bee's nest on the old tree, be careful

 Rolling hills forever...

 The Northern Route beyond the Trees...

To find the Seal Treasure for game 3130, begin hiking along the fence line to the North.  It looks like it is an obvious trail, but really it isn't.  Watch your step because the low brush is mixed in with a prickly shrub.  We were all wearing shorts, ouch.  However, once we were aware of this, it was easy to dodge.  Being that it's spring and we had heavy winter rains, this growth is to be expected.  

 The other Two Trees in the valley below to the right

 Down a small hill from Two Trees and back up

Once you reach this easily identifiable fence post, keep pushing forward to the next post.  You may have to step away from the fence for a moment to avoid:

 ...the pretty, overgrown, prickly flower

 The Water Bottle is placed here

 Careful, don't prick yourself

There it is.  Hopefully it will be there when search for it!  Please read the clue and then tighten the bottle back up and place it back where you found it.  Then come home, solve the clue and into your result on http://www.sealthebeach.com/

This fence post is only about a 5 minute walk from Two Trees.  Good Luck and Have Fun!


  1. I recently heard they set up security cameras so they can fine trespassers and anyone who parks their car there and hikes to two trees will have their car towed. Is this true? I would really love to do this hike but I can't afford a trespassing fine or my car to get towed.

  2. Never heard or seen security cameras. You park on a residential street where there are no signs of "No Parking" or "Tow away zone". Of course, to enter the trail there are "No Trespassing signs", which is disappointing yet it does not restrict those who adventure. Each time I go, I do see many people up there. Including families with 3-year-old kids. There are many ways to hike to Two_Trees, but the way I mention is the fastest and easiest for sure. I suppose you hike at your own risk, but Check out my website: www.SEALtheBeach.com
    On my lists of things to do in this lifetime is to help make Two Trees a local landmark and find the easement to allow the public its right of passage. First, I am learning how to go about this process by protecting the Seals. It wont be easy, but I will not give up.




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