Friday, April 29, 2011

Game 2101

Game #2101:

Day 163: Tuesday April 26, 2011

 Begin at this trailhead at the back of Arroyo Verde Park
 Whatever I did, I'm sure I have a good excuse!

After hiking about an eighth of a mile from where Ayden is coming up, turn left to where Sami is pointing.  This is the main upper trail in the Northwest section of the park.

Go a little bit higher and round the turn, you will notice to the left a slight opening off the main trail.  The wider opening goes lower; it essentially leads you back to either the trailhead or the baseball fields.  I actually haven't hiked it yet; oh but I will!  Today we are going to take the not so traveled narrow path higher.  As you make your incline you will notice the baseball fields on the left.

Weave your way through.  It actually isn't as bad as it may appear in the picture above.  Also, it is quite short.  You may notice the indent going all the way up the hill, but that is actually the main trail.  This side path will loop back into it.

As you continue higher, look for the cactus in the picture above.  You will be hiking from where you see Ayden, thus the cactus will be on your right.  Immediately after the cactus, you will notice a small opening in this thick shrub.  Take it past the cactus and follow it left.  It's nore more than 12 feet in total length.  Look down:

I'm banking on the fact that not many people come back here, although the odd rock suggests someone must have been here before.  I decided that this would be a fair spot to hid my clue.  Please read it and then tighten the bottle back up to leave the clue for the next challenger.

If you continue following the loop side path, it will lead you back to the main upper trail.  The main upper trail will give you the option later to hike to the Radio Stations or it will loop back down to the main Arroyo Verde Loop Trail.  Happy Hiking!

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