Monday, April 25, 2011

DAYS 156 - 159 & HAWAII PICS!

Day 156: Tuesday April 19, 2011
It was nice returning to Cali.  We arrived early Tuesday morning with a cool mist in the air.  The escape from the heat was quite welcoming.  We celebrated later that day by taking the dogs for a much needed hike.  Domino, my 12-year-old Dalmatian, was lagging.  Her back legs become nearly useless when climbing hills.  I have to walk behind her and help push/lift her butt.  It's like doing the wheelbarrel as she walks on her front paws only.  Yet, I know this is good for her because she does still look forward to the hikes; but she's just so clumsy these days.  We spent a couple hours at Arroyo Verde Park and we did navigate a 100 yard new stretch of a side incline.  I could probably manipulate Arroyo Verde into 1000 different ways to hike if I had to...

Missing Hawaii (some more pics of our trip):

Day 157: Wednesday April 20, 2011
I returned to work today; joy!  The good new is, the sun is not going down till 7:00 or so, so there is plenty of time to sneak in a hike after work.  Today, I trounced through overgrown hills by The Cross in Ventura.  It was a cool misty/drizzle day so I did not bring my damaged camera.  Normally, The Cross offers awesome views of Downtown Ventura, the ocean, the pier and the islands.  Not today though.  However, if you use the SEARCH on this blog, you should be able to see pics from my last visit there.  Ironically, I hiked here on my first day back from my DC/Cleveland trip.  On that day if I recall, it was also wet and drizzly but the skies cleared to make for some good pics.  Today, I hiked toward the east --toward Two Trees, versus the northern hike last time...

Day 158- LYNMERE TRAIL: Thursday April 21, 2011
Back to the Lynn Ranch area of Thousand Oaks, I hiked along the Lynmere Trail from Camino Magenta to Calle Yucca and back.  I covered about 3 miles and +/-150 feet elevation gain in just under an hour.  This was a pleasant trot behind the neighborhood of Lynn Ranch.  Many months ago, I hiked with Ian from Calle Yucca down into the Arroyo Conejo.  Since then, i have hiked several different trails in effort to help complete a connecting map from Wildwood Park to the Rancho Conejo Open Space.  Eventually, I will publish this map to the blog...

Day 159- MARINA PARK: Friday April 22, 2011
My kids refer to this as the "boat park".  Not because of the sail boats that come in and out of the harbor but because of the zipline that strings down from the boat at the playground.  The park is situated at Pierpont Bay in Ventura and offers a small chill beach, open field for recreation, hiking to a statue, fishing and the occasional glance of a seal and/or dolphin.  A month or so ago I hiked the Ventura Harbor with Ayden.  We looked across the harbor and could see the statue and boat.  We also saw dolphins that day.  I believe we went just a few days after the 9.0 earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  I know I posted some pictures of the area if you are interested.  We hiked all of Marina Park, so this one will be checked off my 1000 day list; but I will return to it again with my kids!

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