Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 926: Johnny Carson Park - Tonight Show Playground - South Weddington Park - Toluca Lake - Buena Vista Park

The Tonight Show Playground at Johnny Carson Park

Day #926 * Hike #1170 * New Track #911South Weddington Park - North Hollywood, CA
Universal Studios
Friday May 31, 2013
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +175 Feet

South Weddington Park is just to the west of Universal City.  From here you can walk, take escalators and trek up the hill to the entrance of the theme park.  When we got there on this Friday afternoon our intention was to hang out till 11:00.  My wife called, spoke to someone and they said it closed at that time.  However, they must have been referring to City Walk because the park actually closes at 6:00pm!  Essentially, we got to go on one ride-- No big deal, we have season passes so let's make more of a hike out of it! 

 Many Dogs at the park

 NBC Universal

So after our long walk and short visit to Universal, we concluded this hike with a lap around South Weddington.  Next...

Day #926 * Hike #1171 * New Track #912Toluca Lake - Los Angeles, CA
Lakeside Golf Club
Friday May 31, 2013
My Tripometer: 20  Minutes * 1 Mile * +0  Feet

 Country Club Entrance

At Universal I'm sure we have all seen the large golf course to the south and beneath the park.  Well, I found it!  Toluca Lake is small unique area of town.  The homes around the lake completely obstruct the view of the lake.  Our only chance to catch a glimpse is by entering the country club.  We piggybacked a car in through the gate and began our quest...

 the putting green...

It wasn't long before security encountered us and said that we had to leave.  What gave us away was the fact that we were not all dressed up and fancy.  They said that the women cannot wear jeans.  It would have been nice to walk around more to view this mysterious lake but at least I did manage to capture a partial view:

 Toluca Lake

Day #926 * Hike #1172 * New Track #913Buena Vista Park - Burbank, CA
Friday May 31, 2013
My Tripometer: 20  Minutes * 1 Mile * +25  Feet

Just south of the 134 Freeway in Burbank, we found Buena Vista Park.  The wife and kids were over my outdoor excursions so they remained in the van while I ran off and explored...

 Bridal Trail along the LA River

 LA River

 Buena Vista Park

Day #926 * Hike #1173 * New Track #914Johnny Carson Park - Burbank, CA
Tonight Show Playground
Friday May 31, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1 Mile * +0  Feet

 It's dark outside...

We found this park off Bob Hope Drive to the north of the 134.  Ayden came out with me to explore on a night hike...

Looks like a neat park.  We circled it twice, hung out at the playground and stopped by all the little workout stations.  Now that it's nearly 11:00pm, time to finally head home!

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