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12th Course: Cleveland, Texas - Nacogdoches - Zip`Nac Zipline

Ziplining at Zip`Nac in Nacogdoches

Cleveland, Texas

Going back to Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland.  Going back to Cleveland - nah, I don't think so...

Cleveland Texas: Population 7954
I believe this marks my 6th Cleveland municipality that I have now visited in six different states; but who's counting.

12th Course: Cleveland, Texas - Nacogdoches - Zip`Nac Zipline
Saturday - March 26, 2015
**2.5 Miles +/-100 Feet

**I used the MapMyRun Ap for my hike through the streets of Nacogdoches, but for some reason, the course did not save.  Therefore, I am using my daily low limit goal as an estimate for the course of this day...

Waffle House - Breakfast!
After the 2 1/2 hour red eye flight from Vegas, we hopped a cab to Kingwood, Texas to pick up our RV.  Basically extending our Friday into Saturday with little sleep, our first stop was Waffle House - Breakfast of Champions.  Next on the route, just 30 minutes north of Houston, how about Cleveland, Texas!!!  Perfect coincidence, that we were heading North and the city is located off of I-69, the same freeway that our RV place was located.  I couldn't have planned it better...

Cleveland Indians - of Texas!
Cleveland, Texas: Walmart Superstore - perfect location to fill up our RV with food and supplies - and a Cleveland Indians T-Shirt?  Wait, that's not the Cleveland Indians that I know; you know the fight song from- "Tribe 85 - This is My Team"  --  The team from the 90's with Albert, don't call me Joey Bell; Kenny Lofton; The Alomar Brothers; Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, and many more like Julio Franco for a 2nd stay and Orel Hershiser.  --Omar Vizquel, Carlos Baerga, Jose Mesa, Dave Winfield and many others -- yet, we couldn't win in 1995 or 1997!  Perhaps the Cleveland Indians of Texas have what it takes???

2015 Cleveland Indians Schedule
Record: 2-8-0

**So, I bought the shirt, just researched them and they are a High School Football Team.  Based on their record, they belong in Cleveland; Ohio that is...

After a brief tour of the town in our RV, a 25 footer (5 Feet shorter than last year's spring break trip), we continued North a couple of hours to the town of Nacogdoches.  I parked the RV and walked through the streets, in search for the Space Shuttle Discovery Site...

Nacogdoches is a neat old town, streets lined with brick, but we never did find the "memorial".  It was on Trip Advisors things to do in the town, but after 45 minutes of walking around where it should have been, we went into the visitor center / museum, where the old lady there said that the took down the plaque some time ago because it really wasn't really popular anymore.  But she did say she remembered the night that it happened.  She heard some very loud noises - which at first she thought was some large semi driving up the road.  Later realized it was first the sonic boom of the space ship surpassing the speed of sound and then later, the crash itself which large chunks fell on the town.  She said that their area received the most attention and the town was fluttered with all the media, but the disaster spread across to Louisiana.

Our intention was to check out the SAF (University) and the Lana River Trail along that, but I did schedule a surprise for my wife and kid...

Ziplining at Zip`Nac 

This place was rated #5, I believe, on Trip Advisor for things to do in Texas.  So, I took the bluff and bought into the adventure.  It was a good choice...
Playing Tether Ball before the fun begins...

The owners of Zip`Nac were great.  His humor was, well, akin to Bill Jacobus - but this is a good honest humor that absolutely makes you smile and feel good.  He and his wife were very hospitable; coffee for my wife, smores for my son, vice grips for me because our RV shower came with out shower knobs, lol...  They even left the lights on for us.

We rolled out of there shortly after dark.  We drove about an hour, found the Marina which would become our rest stop for Night One.

-Let this Vacation Begin...

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