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17th Course: Guadalupe Peak - Highest Point in Texas / El Paso * Las Cruces

Guadalupe Peak - Highest Peak in Texas!

Hike 8.58 MI ON 3/31/2016

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500 m 
ELEVATION (ft)01.723.445.166.888.65190605569207785
GAIN*3100 FT


It was a chilly night, but we slept well in the comfort of our RV with the heat cranked.  Up early enough to watch the sunrise, I grouped up my wife and son for a quick breakfast and a, well, a hike.  They didn't know what they were getting themselves in to.  I pointed out that Guadalupe Peak on this sign was not the longest hike, failed to mention it would require some serious elevation gain at high altitude...

Starts Easy - but Rocky!

A lot of climbing, like this!

Offering nice views almost immediately

El Capitan, I believe, across the way

Change of scenery

In here, the snow began to fall - light snow, no big deal, but pretty.  Open your mouth and it will dissolve on your tongue.  For the past week, we had been in Eastern Texas where there was not much elevation.  Finally, driving all the way across the Baron Texas Oil Fields, we reach the Southern Rockies - I have never been and cannot wait to climb them where it really counts -- Colorado!  For now, this is no easy task.  My wife kept claiming that every little top was, "the top", but "was not".  Although 7000 - 8000 foot elevation does not bother me, she felt it.  But let's keep going...

Burn area...

Wrong Way!

I didn't think this was right.  The sign says, "Guadlupe Peak Camp".  This trail turns up a small hill to the top that you think you have been climbing for.  It is attractive, a quick shot.  In fact I started to follow them, but said, Nah, this cannot be the right way.  I got them to come back.  Follow the trail straight.  You will see the real top in the near distance, yet it may still take you another hour to finally peak it.  But first, go down a little hill and cross the...


Ah, there she is...

Finally Made it!!!

Notice the snow pellets falling.  Barely, but still.  It was quite cold.  Ayden sitting down - come'on man, that'll just make you colder.  Stand up, take in your 360 degrees.  You just climbed the highest peak in all of Texas.  This was my 6th State achieving the High Point.  Just 44 more states to go...

8751 Feet

Smile, gotta Love It

Ayden signs in

I'll be honest, this was not an easy hike.  The trail is in great condition but the hard rock, the loose rocks, especially coming down - not great for the legs and joints.  I beat the kids up, but they kicked my butt down, beating me by a good 30 minutes.  I even ran for a short period of time.  Jess, well, she took a spill and came up with scrapes and bruises.  My advice, don't run off this mountain.  Just take it all in, like a good hike should...

Heading out...

El Paso, Texas

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - From El Paso

Well, it was an upgrade from Pecos, Texas, a city that we landed in 24 hours earlier and the last sign of city like civilization, but El Paso was not a town for us.  We drove through the downtown area and as close to the Mexican border that we could, but getting out to find a hike was not on the agenda.

After Guadalupe Peak, our legs felt like mush, but they quickly came back to.  Walking around was not out of the question, but like I said, El Paso was not the town for us.  Let's move on...

Welcome to New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico

We drove around the town of Las Cruces.  Up and down the streets, but found a NASA Museum about 20 minutes out of town.  In fact, heading North East out of the city seems to welcome many interesting adventures.  However, it was a long day, we took the photo below, found some dinner and then continued to drive into Arizona...

Little Mount Whitney

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