Tuesday, November 23, 2010


2.5 Miles  +250 Feet
9 Day Summary: 33 Miles  +6850 Feet

The overnight lows have been between 34 - 37 the past few nights.  These are record lows for this area!  The high today may have hit 55, but being completely cloud covered at 3:45, I doubt the temperature was above 50.  No big deal; I'm from Ohio, right?  Well, right.  It really is no big deal.  Personally though, I like hiking or running through the hills in the 100 degree heat.  Remember 6 months from now when I write about it.  The downside to the cold is that I did not get into gear.  Wearing jeans, a sweater shirt and ordinary shoes, work clothes, I am not motivated to run the trails!  I feel heavy, maybe because I am, but still.  Something about wearing the Underarmor really holds the lose parts together.  It absorbs the sweat properly and guides you to victory.  No excuses!
I decided on this trail because I'm aka "The Lazy Hiker".  I was hoping to save this trip for a lunch break or a year from now when trail selections are more limited, but I was lazy.  The rush against the sun has been exhausting, so I didn't want to think about that today.

This would be a nice spot to take your two year old for a casual walk.  If you're interested, you exit the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks at the Moorpark exit.  Go south on Moorpark to the end and then turn right on Greenmeadow.  There is a trail head at the corner there, but I will be using that for several other trips.  Take Greenmeadow to the end and park.  The trail head is about two minutes from the 101.
I couldn't help myself, I had to jog.  When the trail is so perfect and I'm going short distance without a heavy pack, my body will not walk.  Of course, I had to stop and take a picture:
Wanna have have a picnic?  Nah, not today.  Keep it going:
Rather than just looping back and going home early, I ventured off to the Los Robles Trail.  Remember that one from day 3?
Ok, not today.  If I would have gone to the right, that would have eventually taken me out to the trail from Day 3.  It also leads to several other places.  Instead, I am turning left, which leads you back to the trail head at the corner of Moorpark and Greenmeadow.  Just before you hit the head, there is a dirt road that spurs off to the right.  I've never been up this way, so I figured, why not.  I needed to lengthen this little lazy hike somehow.  About a quarter mile into the gradual slow incline, the road becomes paved.  That's odd because it's usually the other way around.  Then another quarter mile up, you are at the top:
 A face that only a mother could love.
Ok, turn around, I'm bored.  I wanna go back home.
I work in this building.  No, not Sears, the one behind it!
A quick hustle down the hill, back up and around to the other loop, around the turn and under the tree and you are done.  No big deal.  Takes about 25 minutes round trip.  If I ran it, I could have done this in under 18.  That being said, I covered 2.5 miles so how in the world was yesterday only 3 miles?  It took three times as long!  Distance, elevation and time can be very deceiving out there, so don't be caught off guard.  Day 9 complete, just 991 days to go...




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