Saturday, November 20, 2010


2003: The Best Shape of my Life!

Just before my son Ayden was born, I had a healthy pot belly and weighed 210 pounds.  Over a 7 week period, I began to eat right and run.  I did push-ups, sit-ups and occasionally curled my 35 pound dumbbells.  I video taped my progress each week.  Attached are still pictures from the VCR. 

I continued my training, although not as relentless.  I dropped down to 178 at one point, which was my weight in high school as a sophomore.  As Josh would say, I was fully yoked!  You could even see my ab's.  I didn't have a washboard but the 6-pack was evident.

My mile times were in the low 6-minutes and I climbed up a rock wall using only my upper body.  I tried that same style rock wall last summer and even with the assistance of my legs, it took me an eternity to reach the top.  I can barely do 1 pull-up versus 20+ then.  I once did 88 straight push-ups!  At 5'10", I was benching 3 plates, over 300 pounds in my prime. 

Here's my point; I live like a yo-yo!  Not any more.  I weighed 217 yesterday.  Although I am hiking daily now, I'm actually taking it easy.  This kind of exercise should be a given.  Maybe not to the extreme of every single day, but that's my motive to bring it back.  It's really for my health.  I remember when my dad had his 2nd heart attack and he said, "...I messed up".  Well, I've been messing up and I know it.  These first thousand days will be my warm up.

Honestly, I'm a pretty slow hiker.  I rely on sheer will to truck power my way up the mountain.  My first ever real expedition was when Ayden was born.  Ever since then, I've had a passion for it.  Tomorrow, I anticipate climbing Montecito Peak.  This should be a good one and many more great ones to come.  Of course, there will be some duds to help fill the gaps.

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