Tuesday, December 7, 2010


4 Miles  +800 Feet

23 Day Summary: 86.5 Miles  +16,950 Feet

This is my 3rd visit to the Wildwood area since I began my mission.  On Day 2, I completed the Santa Rosa Trail and started from the same main parking lot (Review back for driving instructions).  I began a light job up the initial hill and then heard huffing and puffing behind me.  An instant later, an overweight runner passed me on the uphill.  I thought I was the only hefty fool doing this stuff, guess not.  I allowed him by but the natural competitor in me changed my mind frame for this trip.  Rather than stopping occasionally to take the quick snapshot, I continued my pursuit leaving just the right distance between us.  I felt like Zenyata and at any time with my free will, I could open my legs and take over.

Running and horse racing has been a constant them streaming in my mind in every run or jog since I could remember.  Although it's not a race, I've always fantasized that it was and ran accordingly. Its a facade, a fugazi, forget about it...

I attribute this to my father taking me to the race track as a kid versus being in boy scouts.  It's funny how this parallel continues to follow me in my passion for life.  Anyhow, before I get out of hand, nearly a mile into it, the jogger went one way and I took a picture:

Before making the turn, I jogged up to the overview, and then back down to this spot.  It appeared that people tried forming their own cut thru trails from the top but I would recommend retreating 100 yards back to the proper junction to pick the solid trail.  I know my title is Lizard Rock, but I went there today care of the Box Canyon Trail.  So turn right!

 At the bottom, you head back up to Lizard Rock!

This is one tuff trail, beautiful rocks, but a tuff, steep climb!

 My Achilles were burning.  I had to let the biker carry his back past me
I was being lapped!  Even the biker said, "I didn't realize it was this steep!"

 When I got to the top, the biker went left and I went right.
I wanted take a quick peak to the back side first...
 I then went back and followed a loop and started heading back down.
I didn't realize immediately, but I was on the same trail that 
brought me up here!  So I turned around, found may way to:

 ...Negotiate the rock, and head down...

 ...And then back up again.  Not an easy trail...

 In the far back, the tepee and arroyo conejo
 Steps away from Lizard Rock

 The view from the rock...
The Mesa Trail on the left and Stagecoach Bluff on the right

Back down from the rock.
Finally, a suitable trail!

 Let's take the bluff...

 Don't look down!

The creek crossing from my La Barranca hike
aka Arroyo Conejo

From here, I just ran back to the car.  It was nearly dark yet plenty of bikers, joggers and walkers were still funneling through the easier trails.  With about a half mile to go, I spotted another jogger in front of me.  He was ahead by a good 200+ yards.  My legs began to open up with excitement as I picked up speed on the downhill.  He was approaching the up hill so naturally I was closing ground.  I carried my momentum and closed the gap to 25 yards on the final uphill.  I was huffing and puffing and he looked back.  I kept it going and to margin my gap to less than 5 yards on the final down.  Too dangerous to pass, I waited for the gate and sprinted across the parking lot to my car.  That felt good.  Zenyata won again!

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