Wednesday, December 8, 2010


3.75 Miles  +550 Feet
24 Day Summary: 90.25 Miles  +17,500 Feet

This is my 5th visit to the Los RObles Trail area, first at the Moorpark Trailhead.  In fact, every experience thus far has been from a new Trailhead.  With a lack of enthusiasm today, I picked the closest spot that I haven't done to my job.  Only 24 days in and finding time and reason to keep this going has become more grim.  Nevertheless, I made the decision to hike/run today, and it was a good one!  The fresh smell of crisp air and sage made it obvious why I do this.

 We're heading left (West on the Los Robles)

 I stashed my gun in the bushes, 
but the slingshot came with me...
****WELL THEN!!!****
I reached the end of my free GB for photo storage with GOOGLE!  Hmm, ok, so it said it will cost me $5 a year for 20 GB.  Well, guess I can dig this.  Caution, AUTO RENEW...  Let me just say, with what I do for a living, this is a big problem!
Ok, I'm jewish, well half jewish, but $5, I can live with.  I enter in my CC #, and Google had a problem with it!  I enter in another one, and Google said, "ERROR"
There is nothing wrong with my CC!  Let me guess, I keep blogging for the next few weeks and then Google will say, We need money for the words that you are typing...
I better conserve space just in case...  You know, it's things like this that will distract a man from his goals, his missions!  I look forward each day to run, hike, see new places and take pictures.  It appears that the only pictures that are going to appear on my blog now are the advertisers!  Heck, may as well click on those.  In theory, I will eventually make $10 bucks for those clicks.  At least that will pay for the 20GB, but my card didn't work?!
**Aight, I'm frustrated, OBVIOUSLY...  So let's finish the hike.  I got to the top, I went all the way to where I was on day 16, The Los Padres Trail, and then I came back thru the scenic route.  I ran all the way back to the car.  
I'll figure this out.  This is important to me.  So stay tuned.  Corporate Billion Dollar OverValued Companies may dictate terms, but I am in the pursuit of happiness.  I will edit my pictures and videos and put them on YouTube... Shoot.. owned by Google....   Google is taking over the world people!!!
Good night.  Day 25 is tomorrow.  I'll report back!  

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