Thursday, December 30, 2010


Miles: 1.25
Elevation Gain:  25 Feet
Time: 1 Hour
Difficulty (1-10):  1
Reward (1-10): 1
Description: Walking along a cement walkway with Domi and Alyssa
Where?: Ventura, CA
Directions: From the 126 Freeway in Ventura exit at Kimball Rd and the park is right there.

**MY 46 DAY SUMMARY:  156.25 Miles  +23,025 Feet**

First of all, tomorrow is going to be excellent!  I am off work and plan to hike 15 miles+!  Of course tomorrow is New Years Eve and the wife is off work so it may end up like any other day, a scramble to find a new trail.

When I came home, Alyssa was excited to go on a hike.  So, without a destination in mind, we packed Domino in the car and took off before dark.  I purposely left Sami behind because she will endure the long climb tomorrow.  Ayden is sick and my wife stayed at home with him and the daycare kids she was watching.

My first stop was off Foothill Road in Ventura.  I turned up the street Highpoint and turned left at the end on a street that begins with a "W".  We took that to the very top and at the cul-de-sac was a gate.  There was about 30 minutes of sunlight and the hillside beyond looked like it would go on forever.  Cool, I found a random place to go hiking, or did I?  After a 25 foot hike, the road behind the gate ended.  The cliff beyond the barbed wire fence was impossible to negotiate.  It dropped straight off several hundred feet.  We did try to make our way behind the houses but trampling through small cactus plants leading nowhere, lead us nowhere.  My dog couldn't avoid the cacti and my better sense told me to turn back.

We drove around that neighborhood for awhile but could not find any reasonable way to enter the open space.  Prolly the best way is from my housing track or Arroyo Verde Park.  Along Foothill Rd, the area is fenced off.  Mostly private homes, farms and fields layer the lowest levels.  There are hundreds of acres of untouched that I will explore one day.

Well, it's now dark.  So, I went to Kimball Park because I knew it was lit up.  This park was one of my favorite places to run when I was training for my marathon earlier this year.  Rather than run the 1.25 mile oval, I walked Domi and Alyssa up the path and then ducked under the Kimball Road Tunnel.  On the other side, it was dark.  The walkway forks and if you take the left fork, it will lead out to Henderson Road.  Across the street from Henderson is a housing track with a park.  So, for those with families looking for a nice bike path in the day time, this option is viable.  Today, we veered to the right, which led us back to the light at Kimball and Thille.  We crossed the street, walked back to the car and called it a day.

Not much excitement, but I did arouse my curiosity behind Foothill.  The landscape was green and forever.  I will post a few pics on Facebook, later.  My wife has the camera and is out looking for a new business to buy.  Aight, goodnight.  Tomorrow should be worth the visit back to the blog :)

***One last thing; please advise who is voting Lebron to the AllStar Game.  I'd rather you not care than vote for him!

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