Thursday, December 9, 2010


Miles:                                   2.0                         
Elevation Gain:                   +100 Feet                
Difficulty:                             Easy                      
Reward (1-10):                       2                           
                                                                                                                                                               25 Day Summary: 92.25 Miles  +17,600 Feet

Well, I'm experimenting with this.  I still haven't cleared it for photos on this, but I'm also going to attempt to import some to my new Facebook Page.  Check it out:!/profile.php?id=100001863181396

Last week when I hiked through Dos Vientos, I noticed what looked like a trailhead on my way out.  I drove up there today and discovered it's known as Rancho Potrero.  To reach this trailhead, exit the 101 Freeway in Newbury Park (Thousand Oaks) at Borchard.  Tuake Borhard all the way into Dos Vientos and then turn right on Rancho Dos Vientos.  Follow that all the way to Lynn and turn right.  Immediately on the left is the trailhead.

This is a paved road of what appears to be an old ranch.  The foundation from the house is still resting far up the long driveway.  I began walking down the drive and noticed a Trail sign across the field.  This is a public place so it's ok to come back here.  I didn't have this area on any of the free maps that I received from the National Park Service, yet their signage was in place, sort of.

It's not much of a trail but as I started walking across the field, one by one birds lifted up from the thick grass and flew away.  It was a non stop occurrence every other step.  In the far backdrop, Boney Mountain's ridges, rocks and curves appeared sharp and clear.  Visibility was magnifying and the air smelt fresh.

There is more to explore here.  To the left will eventually join up with the area that I hiked on Day 4, RANCHO SIERRA VISTA/SATWIWA.  So I started left down the trail and then climbed up a bit and to the right.  The landscape was neat, and on a hill between a couple rows of trees was a secret spot that you can share with someone special.  I continued to head east and eventually met up with the long driveway.  This is where I found what used to be a house or barn or something.  All the wooden remains were left in piles on the concrete slab.

Behind the house was a trail along the grass.  That trail spurred off several additional trails that wandered off into the grass hills.  I glanced at them and figured that one day I will come back here and spend some time exploring the region.  There were no trail signs but the dirt cut out in the field and hill was obvious.

I called it a quick day as the sun was setting.  I will try to post some pictures on Facebook but the area was an overall bore.  I would not recommend coming here unless you have explored all other options first.  Of course, that may change if I decide to take a 10 mile hike into the hills and find something sweet.  Next time...

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