Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 655: San Juan Creek Trail - Doheny Beach - Creekside Park

The action at Doheny Beach - Dana Point

Day #655 * Hike #777 * New Track #641
Saturday September 1, 2012
San Juan Creek Trail - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Doheny Beach - Creekside Park
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 8 Miles * +100 Feet

From Los Angeles, take the I-5 south to Ortega Highway, Route 74, and turn left at the exit.  Our Hotel was on the other side of the bridge.  Jess and I ran while Ayden and Kaitlyn rode their bikes...

 A Horse!

We followed the streets behind the hotel to reach the bike path.  The path begins as a sidewalk and follows the road.  Turn left by the horses and cows and the actual trailhead will begin at the end of the road...

 San Juan Creak Trailhead

 Keeping pace under a dark bridge
(there was a homeless guy here playing the sax)

 Following the San Juan Creek

 Passing a park...

The bridge on the left side of the picture crosses over the Trabuco Creek.  If you cross the bridge and turn right, you will follow the Trabuco Creek Trail.  I recall driving down Trabuco Road in Mission Viejo a couple of weeks ago so I'm assuming that's where the trail leads.  Today, for us, we turned left to remain on the San Juan Creek Trail...

 Closing in on the ocean along this level run

 First sign of water, we must be close

 Passing Creekside Park...

 Almost to Doheny Beach in Dana Point!

 The run from the hotel took us 40 minutes, about 4 miles

 Beach Volleyball!

 Kids Posing after the swim

Very warm water!
After an hour long visit at the beach, we regrouped and began our run back to the hotel.  Alyssa had a late afternoon soccer game and we were not about to miss it.  However, Ayden decided to take off and Kaitlyn followed.  Jess and I assumed that they would wait for us at the bridge or the park but when we got there, - NO KIDS!  We were gradually climbing a slow incline but the air temperature climbed as we got further away from the ocean.  We were sore, tired but we ran harder and faster.  We passed the tunnel where the homeless man was - no homeless man - no kids!  We reached the end of the bike path - No Kids!  We continued to zig-zag through the streets and I lost my sense of direction.  How could Ayden ever figure this out; is he at the hotel?!  Finally, we reached the hotel room, no bikes, door is closed! 
--I knock on the door because Ayden had my key and... he opened the door!  He and Kaitlyn were eating Jess's chicken salad out of a cup!  Needless to say, they got in trouble but we were relieved...

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