Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 663: Corriganville Park - Old Susana Cafe - VC Express Cross Country


Day #663 * Hike #793 * New Track #654
Sunday September 9, 2012
Corriganville Park - Simi Valley, CA
Old Susana Cafe  - VC Express Cross-Country
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +50 Feet

From the 118 Freeway on the far east end of Simi Valley, exit on Kuehner and head south for about a mile.  Turn left on Smith Road and this will lead you right into the park.

 Warm up jog along the 3k trail

 There is History at this park

 Looks like there's a cave up there

 Ayden's race will soon start

 There he is running 4th (in this pack)

 At the finish, he beat the old man

This was Ayden's first ever race.  It was a non sanctioned 3k run.  He finished with a time of 14.27, not too shabby.  The rabbits crossed the line in about 10 minutes.  The 1.8 mile run was pretty level, especially for cross country.  It was a charity event and a great experience for Ayden.  I wish I would have run with him - I think he could have beaten me :)

There is much more to explore at this park.  There is even a movie set next door but we had no time to really explore.  Ayden was due on the west end of Simi in an hour for his next club diving training.  However, before we left...

Brunch Time!
The Old Susana Cafe is situated between the freeway and the park.  I wish I could write a good review for this family run operation but the food was only mediocre at best.  There were flies zipping around and a waitress wiped her sweat with her hands and then delivered a glass of soda for her customer.  Her sweaty hands touched where one would sip.  Granted, it was darn hot but still, kinda nasty here!

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