Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 647: A Homeless Man Living in Your Backyard? Ventura!!!

Caught a Homeless Man in the act...

Day #647 * Hike #769 * New Track #635
Friday August 24, 2012
Homeless Man Living in Your Backyard? - Ventura, California
My Tripometer: 45 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

In Ventura on the corner of Telegraph and Teloma.  Pull in the parking lot for the First Christian Church which is off Teloma.  On the far side of the lot you will see an opening.  With Sammi and Ziggy, we slid down 20 feet to check it out:

 A creek less than 5 minutes from my house - right on!

So, somewhere in the 5400 block of North Bryn Mawr, there is a homeless man living in your backyard.  Beyond your fence in the shrubs, this man has created a hideout.  What is most sick about this is that he had a porno magazine wide open and a pair of reading glasses laying on the rock.  A half drunken beer was cracked open so I'm assuming he saw me and my dogs and hid.  Pretty freaky!  What's worse, a couple houses up is an open fence without the shrubs and a trampoline.  I assume there are kids living there...  Just be careful!

 Awesome growth and easy walkway - all alone?

 Are we in a jungle?

 This water is not for drinking!

 Looks like kids come back here and play on the rope swings!

Here's their tree house!
Stupid Sammi rolled in some poop!  It smelt horrible!!!  I think it was homeless man feces, yuck!!!!!
I hiked the route up to a locked fence at Loma Vista.  I had the option of exploring the tunnel, but I don't think so!  I then hiked back to Telegraph.  There was an opening that lead into the Ventura Church of Christ which is on the corner of Telegraph and N. Bryn Mawr.  I hiked the street back to the other church and to my car.  Other than the homeless stench; pretty cool random hike...


  1. that tunnel connects to the other hike you did from camino real(aurora), and comes from Sexton Canyon. Creepy story about a girl from the neighborhood being murdered and dumped down there, i guess they couldn't find all the pieces. Some other kids live down there now, they seem to be harmless.

  2. If I grew up out here, I just about guarantee you that I would be hiking through the tunnels with my friends, with or without flashlights. However, no way dude. I ain't doing it. I'll step in a ways and then get the heck out...




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