Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 943: Morro Rock - Morro Bay State Park - Coleman Park

Welcome to Morro Rock

Day #943 * Hike #1200* New Track #932
Morro Rock - Morro Bay, CA
Sunday June 16, 2013
My Tripometer: .75 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet


From the 101 Freeway, we were heading west down the 41 towards the ocean when Morro Rock came into view.  We passed Route 1 and continued straight and parked at the beach.  This is a random beach across from the Morro Dunes Trailer Park just north of Morro Rock.

 Looking across the Beach to the Southeast

See that mountain rock on the left side of the picture above.  Many years back we found some random pier north of Morro Bay and I recall that rock stood brilliantly in the distance beyond the closer Morro Rock.  Together they looked liked twins.  From this vantage point however I could not captivate the moment.  Later in this trip I would attempt to locate that pier, but to no avail...

 Morro Rock meets the ocean

Ayden went into the cold water and we walked around this beach for awhile.  Rather than hiking to Morro Rock from here, we turned back and trekked along a marshy boundary between this beach and the next location...

Day #943 * Hike #1201 * New Track #933
Morro Rock  Coleman Park - Morro Bay, CA
Morrow Bay Harbor WalkSunday June 16, 2013
My Tripometer: .75 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

 Coleman Park

From Route 41, we jumped on Route 1 for one exit and then turned off on Main Street and then made another right turn to Coleman Park.  From here we walked to Morro Rock...

 Well, that answers that question!

 Kiss Cam

 Walking across the rock break wall

 Birds flying in the late afternoon

 Waves Crashing

 Morro Rock

 Morro Bay Harborwalk

 Crabby Patties - Sponge Bob would Love this Place!

Morro Bay Maritime Museum

Day #943 * Hike #1202 * New Track #934
Morro Bay State Park - Morro Bay, CA
Sunday June 16, 2013
My Tripometer: .5 Hours * 1.0 Miles * +0 Feet

 Morro Bay State Park Entrance

Just to the north of Morro Bay you can drive into the State Park - FREE!  We passed a campgrounds and then found a trail off the side of the road...

 Reminds me of Harper Dry Lakes in the Mojave...

 Boardwalk Easy Trail

 Over the wetlands

 loops to the harbor

We jumped back in the car on to our next destination, whatever that is.  On the way we found...

 Quarry Trailhead

Only 1.1 miles, hmmm....

But is this one way or round trip?  Probably one way so we did not make this our next hike.  Next time, maybe...

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